Blackpool FC in Turkish takeover talks

Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield Road
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The Gazette understands a Turkish group are in talks to buy Blackpool Football Club – but are not the only interested parties.

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The Gazette understands a Turkish group are in talks to buy Blackpool Football Club – but are not the only interested parties.

It is believed discussions have been taking place between the group and club owner Owen Oyston’s solicitors.

The group have been made aware that boycotting fans would not return unless Oyston ceased to have any involvement and it is believed they are only interested in a complete buyout.

The Turks are thought to be confident a deal can be reached but are prepared to pull out if it is not finalised within an agreed timeframe.

Bizarrely, a local restaurant owner has been acting as intermediary between the Turkish group and the club.

The same group have shown interest in taking over Sunderland but are believed to have been put off by the relegated Championship club’s debts. It follows a consortium including former Hull City owner Adam Pearson also ending its interest in buying the Black Cats.

Oyston, recently spotted showing a group of people around the Blackpool FC stadium, has told associates a deal is close, though it is feared the 84-year-old could call the takeover off.

Any potential deal would be complicated by tax issues and by Oyston’s ongoing debt of around £25m to Valeri Belokon, while a number of Oyston-owned assets have been frozen due to court orders.

It is unclear whether this group is the one Oyston was referring to in his statement at the start of the month, when he claimed to be close to finalising a deal with an investment group interested in an “active” and “serious” financial involvement in the club.

The statement said the group have a three-to-five-year plan for the club, with the “ultimate aim of regaining and sustaining Premier League status”.

“Well aware of the issues that have beset the club in recent years, the investment group is determined to build up a strong relationship with supporters and bring out the exciting potential of Blackpool Football Club once again,” the statement added.Oyston said a further announcement would be made within two weeks, though almost three weeks have since passed.

However it is believed this Turkish group is not the only interested party in talks with Oyston.

It is understood a separate buyer, as yet unidentified one, is also interested in purchasing the club as part of a deal that includes parts of Oyston’s portfolio of assets.

He recently reached out to Oyston’s inner circle and has been asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Owen Oyston did not respond to The Gazette’s request to comment.