Blackpool fans warned of more twists in Oyston saga

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Blackpool supporters have been warned to expect more twists and turns in the battle to remove the Oyston family from the club.

A major step towards regime change occurred in the High Court last week, when owner Owen Oyston suffered another damaging defeat.

Bloomfield Road

Bloomfield Road

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Justice Marcus Smith ruled seven of his properties and shares in two of his companies, one of which owns the controlling interest in the football club, will be put up for sale.

This is in order to raise the £25m former club director Valeri Belokon is still owed following last November’s momentous court judgment.

Blackpool Supporters’ Trust, the club’s largest fans’ group, believes change is imminent but warned there may be some bumps in the road ahead.

A spokesperson said: “As Blackpool fans, our interests at this time of year should be very much focused on the forthcoming season and the release of the League One fixture list.

“However, once again many supporters found themselves glued to computer screens awaiting the latest social media updates from those fans able to attend the London hearing.

“Unless Owen Oyston can find the £25m he needs to clear his judgment debt, Thursday’s findings will ensure we are finally moving towards the endgame in this protracted struggle to achieve regime change.

“The Trust, along with every person who holds Blackpool Football Club dear, sincerely hopes that a new era for our football club is imminent.

“The continued ownership by the Oyston family is no good for anyone connected with the club or the town and a swift conclusion – preferably before the start of the new league campaign – will be in the best interests of all concerned.

“For supporters who have been boycotting over several seasons, it is tempting to think that it is surely only a matter of time until Blackpool FC is under new ownership, so why wait to buy a season ticket again?

“BST strongly advises everyone to refrain from purchasing a season ticket until it is clear what the outcome of the forthcoming auctions of Oyston assets and shares will be.

“The club did announce that its offer on season ticket prices holds until July 27.

“What this sorry affair has taught us all is that there could be more twists and turns before new owners are finally in place and therefore BST considers it of significant importance that the ethical boycott holds firm.

“Apart from anything else, it is highly likely that any payments made before a sale of the club has been completed will almost certainly be lost to the new owners, who will need all the financial support that fans can provide to help turn Blackpool’s fortunes around.

“The Trust remains committed to representing Blackpool supporters and liaising with new owners, whoever they may be.

“It is to be hoped those new owners will have a good understanding of our recent history, of the campaign waged by Blackpool fans over many years and of the need for whoever takes over to engage with supporters in an inclusive and meaningful way.

“Blackpool fans have been both patient and determined in seeking regime change.

“The end of this most ignominious chapter in the club’s history is in sight. We can hardly wait for the day when we can all return to Bloomfield Road and be part of the club’s regeneration.

“It will require everyone to work together to ensure that Blackpool FC is rebuilt as an ethical, inclusive, family-oriented club that the community can be proud of once again.”