Blackpool fans warned not to buy tickets until receiver is in control of club's finances

Blackpool fans are eager to return to Bloomfield Road
Blackpool fans are eager to return to Bloomfield Road
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Blackpool fans thinking of returning to Bloomfield Road for the club's next home game are being warned not to purchase tickets until certain clarifications are made.

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It follows yesterday's appointment of a receiver in the High Court, which The Gazette understands has led to a number of excited supporters buying tickets for the game against Oxford United on Saturday, February 23.

This is because once the receiver is in situ and in control of the club's finances, Owen Oyston should no longer benefit from gate receipts.

But as it stands the receiver is not due to arrive in Blackpool until the start of next week and there's no guarantee Oyston won't benefit from tickets sold this week.

Tim Fielding, honorary vice-president of Blackpool Supporters' Trust (BST), warned: "For the attention of anyone thinking of going back, do not whatever you do start handing any ticket money over until the position is clarified by the Trust.

"That might not be until early next week.

"The receiver isn't yet, as far as I'm aware, in control of the finances so patience is required."

In a holding statement, BST added: "The exciting developments at court in London yesterday have understandably prompted a widespread and mainly positive reaction. Expectations are high.

"BST would like to reassure all Blackpool fans that we are currently taking advice on the next steps for our football club.

"We have spoken with the court-appointed receivers and are currently waiting to meet with them to discuss in detail the specifics of how our club can move forward. There are many issues to cover.

"We are all eager to return to Bloomfield Road and so we ask for your patience while we establish exactly what the situation is regarding the finances at the club and confer with other fan groups.

"We will update you all as soon as possible in the next few days and we look forward to planning our return together."