Blackpool fans’ protests a ‘no win’, says Oyston

Karl Oyston
Karl Oyston
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Karl Oyston has described the ‘not a penny more’ stance of some Blackpool supporters as ‘no-win for anyone’.

Bloomfield Road was again less than a third full as Pool drew 0-0 Oldham last night as many turn their back on the Seasiders in protest of the Oyston families running of the club.

It has seen attendances tumble to the lowest in a decade this season, as fans vote with their feet against the chairman.

But Oyston appears relaxed about the stance, claiming its something he’s dealt with during his whole time in charge.

“We’ve had exactly this position from the day I took over,” he said.

“Various people pledged never to step foot in the ground until we built a new stand.

“Then others pledged not to step foot in the ground until we built three stands, then until we built four stands, then not until we were in the Championship.

“So there’s always, understandably, targets.That’s the nature of football.

“I understand in certain respects the pre-conditions that some supporters set on their criteria for entry.

“If their criteria for entry is us selling the club, or not being there, that’s really something out of their control. It’s a no-win for anyone.”

When asked about the empty seats for home games so far this season, Oyston joked the lack of fans was like the ‘good old days’ before describing the situation as ‘sad’.

Speaking in the second part of his interview with BBC Radio Lancashire, he said: “It’s like the good old days when I first took over, when it was just as sparsely populated.

“It’s sad when you get a business to the level we did and there was general euphoria and people were proud and enthusiastic.

“It was fantastic and it’s obviously a long world away from that now.

“Of course it’s sad, no-one takes any delight or credit seeing the stadium not as full and the crowd not as positive.

“We’d all rather see it bouncing.

“The supporters staying away is their decision. It’s probably the only decision some of them can make – do they come or not?

“I do understand why some of the fans stop coming –it was pretty dour at one point.”