Blackpool fans launch plan to protest outside EFL headquarters

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey is coming under pressure to take action
EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey is coming under pressure to take action

Blackpool fans, incensed by the EFL’s lack of action over the running of their football club, have proposed plans to march on their headquarters in Preston.

The EFL, the governing body of 72 professional league clubs, has been bombarded with correspondence from Blackpool fans in recent weeks, calling on them to take action against rogue owners.

But they have been left dissatisfied with the responses they have received, leaving supporters’ group the Tangerine Knights feeling as though they have no other choice but to protest outside the EFL’s headquarters down the M55.

The march is due to take place on Friday, March 2, and fans of football clubs from across the country are being urged to join them.

Senior officials at the EFL are aware of the plans but declined to comment.

“Enough is enough,” the Tangerine Knights said in a statement.

“As football fans we can no longer watch this ineffective organisation do nothing about owners like the Oystons and fail to answer fans’ genuine concerns.

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“On Friday, March 2, we call on fans of all clubs to join us and descend on the EFL headquarters in Preston.

“We want to remind ourselves of how much camaraderie there is amongst fans so we shall be going retro and going on a train we have dubbed the ‘EFL special’.

“We urge everyone who is able to book the afternoon off work to join us at Blackpool South train station at 1.48pm to catch the train to Preston. We then aim to do the short ten minute walk down Fishergate to the EFL.

“The train arrives at 2.30pm and we hope to meet many more fans in Preston to march together.

“For this protest we once again call on all supporters organisations relating to our club and others to unite for this one common cause and that is to tell the authorities that it's our game and we’re taking it back.

“Together we are stronger, together we will win and together we can change the face of football in England forever.

“13.48 at Blackpool South train station on Friday, March 2 will be a defining moment in the history of our sport so let's see as many fans as possible.”

Last week, Blackpool fans were warned that the EFL may be standing in the way of regime change at Bloomfield Road.

In September, Blackpool FC - in a statement issued through former chairman Karl Oyston - announced that Belokon had failed the EFL’s Owners’ and Directors’ Test and was subsequently banned from holding high office.

The disqualification came about as a result of a criminal conviction and 20-year jail sentence that is highly disputed by Belokon’s representatives, who claim it was handed down by a “kangaroo court” in Kyrgyzstan and is not recognised in Latvia, nor the European Union.

It is understood Belokon’s lawyers are considering taking legal action against the EFL in a bid to overturn his ban, which is currently under review.

Currently, should Belokon come to an agreement with Owen Oyston over the running of the club, the Latvian would be unable to take over.

That has led to calls from Blackpool supporters for the EFL to act and overturn Belokon’s ban as soon as possible.