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Brad Potts was impressive
Brad Potts was impressive
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Our panel have their say on the Gillingham game and the rest of the week’s events at Bloomfield Road.

Dave White

Walking away from the ground last weekend, I had the opportunity to chat with fellow Blackpool fans, Gillingham fans and neutrals alike, and all three groups were in general agreement that had we taken a draw from the game it would have been a fair outcome.

Unfortunately, it’s not plaudits but points we need, so ultimately the 2-1 defeat was disappointing.

Noises coming from the camp would suggest the team is starting to gel and we certainly need it to. Five defeats from the opening seven league matches have already left us in a tricky position, and slow starts can be incredibly difficult to catch up on down the line.

Something else everyone was in agreement on was the performance of Brad Potts, who had a good game. He was highly regarded at Carlisle and we might just be starting to see why.

Barnsley are our visitors this weekend. They’ve had a mixed time of it on the road so far but have always been something of a bogey side for us.

We have finally managed to add to our attacking options – something that has been needed given neither of our strikers has scored for four games – and it would be a surprise if we didn’t see Martin Paterson at some point.

Off the pitch, we’ve had the news of High Court proceedings against the club brought by Valeri Belokon. Whatever his personal intentions regarding his investments in the club are, he would appear to have been treated in a manner not befitting a professional organisation over recent years. I’ve no doubt many of us will be watching this story with interest.

Phil Corbett

Blackpool will take some heart from the game at top of the table Gillingham. Despite losing again, they actually played much better than they did in the win at Scunthorpe.

After conceding a somewhat soft goal, we created a fair number of chances and the equaliser was no surprise. Considering Gillingham top the table, there wasn’t a great deal between the sides and I’m sure Neil McDonald and his staff will take encouragement from the performance, if not the result, going into Saturday’s game with Barnsley.

Martin Paterson finally signing further increases McDonald’s options for the game.

Off the field, the ongoing dispute between the owners and Valeri Belekon has taken a new turn, with Valeri’s decision to go to the courts in an attempt to bring the Oystons to account for the various loans taken out from the club into other business interests, allegedly without consulting him.

No doubt this will mean further turmoil for the club off the field, but most fans will see this as a possible means to the end goal of a change of ownership. The sooner it is resolved the better.

Vicky Sinclair

Despite a narrow victory against Scunthorpe the weekend before, I didn’t expect anything at all against top of the league Gillingham.

A last-minute decision on Saturday morning led me to make the long trip down, and I was pleasantly surprised. A

lthough we lost, most there would agree a draw would probably have been the fair result and the performance was an improvement on the previous week’s victory.

That’s not to say we played particularly well or that anyone would be happy with another defeat, but for the first time this season I saw a second half which was an improvement on the first. Previous second halves have brought collapses or deep defending.

What is frustrating, however, is that no team we have played so far has thoroughly impressed.

It wouldn’t take a lot for us to achieve a stable league position or even challenge for promotion, and yet we still find ourselves languishing at the bottom.

It should be acknowledged we have so far mostly faced teams grouped at the top of the table, but we should still be picking up more points based on performances of the opposition so far.

Dave Seddon

Just when you think there’s a chance of focussing on the football, another catastrophe rears its ugly head.

That first win almost seems a lifetime ago, after we followed it up with another defeat and more off-field issues.

The club really isn’t helping itself to galvanise relationships with estranged supporters. This latest business of alleged filming of fans at away games is just ridiculous, if true.

I’ve seen pictures suggestive of this on Twitter and I would hope the club wouldn’t lower themselves to these levels.

Alongside this is the revelation that Valeri Belekon has issued legal action against the Oystons.

This could drag on for up to two years, depending on the High Court’s take on the evidence. The turmoil is going to show no signs of slowing down.

With only the addition of Martin Paterson, who five years ago would have been a quality signing, I can hardly see myself returning to watch the Pool any time soon.

As usual we have had to resort to the bargain basement for injury-prone, unfit and out-of-contract players to fill the massive gaps in the squad.

Bleak times ahead and it looks like that elusive corner we have failed to turn is still out of reach.