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Key man Colin Doyle
Key man Colin Doyle
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After around 500 days, the travelling fans finally got to see a win after a battling performance at Scunthorpe.

It wasn’t a great spectacle, but after what we’ve been witnessing recently any win is good and at least we’ve moved off the foot of the table for the first time in a long time. Let’s hope it’s not another 18 months before we can celebrate three points on the road.

Of course, the inherent problems at the club aren’t changed by a win but at least the morale of the players will be improved in advance of a trip to table-topping Gillingham, where another stern test awaits.

We are still lacking experience in the side, despite the late addition of Norris. That a club so recently in the Premier League, with all the riches that brings, is reduced to scouring the out-of-contract market for, basically, cast-offs is a damning indictment of the management of the club.

Once again the fans face a long road trip. Let’s hope that it’s not a wasted trip.


At last we have a win under our belts and one away from home at that. Our long-suffering fans have had much to put up with, and having to wait over 16 months between away wins doesn’t help one bit.

However, credit where it’s due, and particularly to Colin Doyle for his part in the result. When you’re under the cosh as much as we were, there is some reassurance in having a reliable goalkeeper.

Of course nobody is hanging out the bunting following this one result. If this team is to prove that a corner is in the process of being turned, we have to follow this up with some more positive scorelines. Winning games under so much pressure is an exception, not a norm, and we still have plenty to do to show that we can compete in this division.

All the teams we’ve lost to so far occupy the play-off positions and those we’ve taken points from are in the bottom six. It’s obvious that the squad is still thin and out-of-contract players have not been falling over themselves to join, so we can only hope that some form of recruitment strategy is still ongoing.

Any positives arising from last week’s result need to be augmented because at this club in particular they can be extremely fragile.


Saturday left me with something of a dilemma: should I look to return from Cape Town with a direct flight to Scunthorpe International or head for Manchester, like everyone else, and follow the game on Twitter.

Social media (and reality) won out and the game, for me, was condensed to sound bites, some more believable than others.

The outcome, of course, was our first three-point haul since last winter but what else can be drawn from the game? Conscious of my unending stream of negativity, let’s consider the positives first. We won. We kept a clean sheet. Doyle was inspired.

On the flip-side, we could have been completely battered but for luck, one determined keeper and wasteful Scunthorpe finishing.

The black cloud remains despite this very thin silver lining. What did come out of the week was a glimpse of the future: the owners watching a stitched-together team play Morecambe in front of 80-odd fans.

No, sorry, that’s an unfair vision. Morecambe are not destined to sink as low as we are!

Overall, three points, but scratch beneath that thin surface and nothing has changed.


I’m lost for words this week – I actually have some football to focus on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly getting carried away with one result but after waiting 500 days for an away win it doesn’t matter how it comes!

The goal itself befitted the win – scrappy and probably undeserved, against a side we seem to have the Indian sign over for some unknown reason. Scunthorpe must really be sick of the sight of us. Despite us being at our lowest ebb, we still manage to beat them.

However, we were to all intents and purposes battered, and if it wasn’t for the superb Colin Doyle we would have been comfortably beaten by a side that will undoubtedly be at the wrong end of the table come the end of the season.

Saturday’s will be a much tougher test at high flying Gillingham. I’m still waiting for us to add any real quality to the squad before I can even begin to feel the will to go and watch games again.

McDonald will be happy to finally have football to talk about but he’s got a long way to go before turning that elusive corner.


It was actually much of the same against Scunthorpe on Saturday. The first half was fairly decent,ending with Pool leading and with the Scunthorpe fans voicing their discontent towards their own players.

The second half, disappointingly, was nothing new – a case of deep defending, Doyle putting in a brilliant performance to keep the score at 1-0. He seemed the main difference between Saturday’s three points and the previous defeats.

There was a lot of talk after the game about those who celebrated the victory, with some believing they are too easily pleased.

I travelled to Scunthorpe and saw the team hold on to a win away from home for the first time since Wigan in April 2014. Of course I celebrated!

It doesn’t mean we’ve turned a corner or our problems have vanished, but I wouldn’t have travelled to watch the team if I didn’t want them to win.

Saturday brings one of the longest trips of the season to Gillingham, who sit at the top of the league. Despite the three points last Saturday, I won’t be expecting a similar result this weekend!

Chris Wormersley

So we have finally won our first game of the season but in my opinion we are still lacking.

We have a few irons in the fire with players but again no-one who is going to jump out at us.

There is going to be a lot of pressure on the manager as we are going to need loan players in to help the team out.

I think we need a solid, quality player in defence, midfield and attack.

The supporters need to come together to help our team out.

I’m not saying forget the fact s about Karl and Owen, but we need to help our team move forward as supporters. Let’s get ourselves out of the hole we are still firmly in.