Ben Burgess column: wildebeest, crocodiles and the Oystons

Blackpool fans stage a protest again the Oystons ownership at Bury
Blackpool fans stage a protest again the Oystons ownership at Bury
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The exhausted and loyal legion of wildebeest warily approach the haven of the stream.

Having walked hundreds of miles together in search of water and nourishment, they finally have hope.

This was a chance for them all to rehydrate and re-cooperate after such a lean time.

They inch into the water and just begin to sample the cold refreshing taste when…SNAP!

The ravenous crocodile strikes, whilst his family watch from behind, baying for blood!

This all happened on Sunday night during David Attenborough’s excellent new TV series called ‘The Hunt’.

I couldn’t help likening this little scenario to another I’ve been unfortunate to witness in the last few years, and one that’s a lot more heartbreaking (sorry wildebeest).

This was even more poignant with the announcement from the Oyston family about their rejection of the BST bid for ownership of the club.

There were certainly no punches being pulled by Owen as he implied the club would ‘go to the wall’ if such a takeover were to take place.

I just hope both sides can enter back into negotiations, although there appears to be little chance of that at present.

On Saturday there was a player that appeared as hungry as the afore mentioned crocodile.

Unfortunately it was Bury left-back Chris Hussey. He single-handedly destroyed Blackpool’s recent unbeaten run and exposed some defensive frailties that we all thought were behind McDonald’s men.

I got to witness first hand the ability Hussey has in his left foot as he set up the first two goals from corners and then whipped his own delightful free kick in for the third.

In between these moments of magic, Blackpool were relatively comfortable and were creating more chances and having the majority of possession.

Such was the unpredictable nature of the game that at 4-1 down after 35 minutes, I still really fancied the Seasiders to get back into 

And comeback they very nearly did, all be it thanks to one of the least impressive goalkeeping displays I’ve seen for a long time from Bury’s on loan debutant.

Not one player in tangerine dropped their head at Gigg Lane though and the manager and his team must take a lot of credit for fostering that togetherness and never say die attitude so reminiscent of seasons gone by.

The excellent Blackpool following in the away stand behind the goal did all they could to carry the players towards an equaliser but it didn’t quite happen and just three set pieces were the difference between the teams.

Bradford ended up being equally as close and just as disappointing in the end.

Away from the League, the Seasiders can now enjoy a trip down south to take on Martin Allen’s Barnet.

I mentioned Allen and his penchant for the FA Cup last week. His tactics to motivate and focus his players have included jumping in lakes, practising set pieces on the car park of a motorway services (one poor lady was chastised for walking in front of the goal, aka the team bus).

Letting his players take it in turns to stand in the goal and block shots from team mates without using their hands (I saw one player dropped because he ducked instead of stopping a rocket of a shot with his head).

Despite these somewhat bizarre tactics, I enjoyed working with ‘Mad Dog’, he cares about his players, and characters like Allen are needed in the game to even out the FA coaching 

There’s certainly not many managers that can fire up a team like he can.

I predict a tough but entertaining game ahead for Neil McDonald’s men.