Are Blackpool secretly filming fans at away games?

The camera men (wearing tangerine) at a recent trip to Scunthorpe.
The camera men (wearing tangerine) at a recent trip to Scunthorpe.
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Blackpool have defended themselves against claims they are filming protesting fans at away games.

Supporters who travelled to Pool’s last two matches at Scunthorpe and Gillingham have taken to social media to accuse the club of fixing a camera on the travelling supporters to identify protesters against the Oyston family.

It’s prompted fan group Tangerine Knights to make a statement on the matter online and Blackpool Supporters’ Trust revealed they have received complaints.

While Blackpool FC continue to provide The Gazette with ‘restricted access’, a club employee did dismiss the claims as “untrue”.

The club insists the cameras in question, operated by people clearly wearing club tracksuits, are filming the match to assist the coaching staff.

The official said: “The club have had a cameraman at all games for around the last five years.

“The footage is used at half-time and in training by coaching staff, as well as to help the manager with statistics.

“At no time have these cameras been fixed on the away supporters and they are not being used for anything but their original purpose.”

Kevin Boroduwicz, secretary of BST, revealed they’ve had a number of complaints and called upon the club to respond to avoid potential trouble.

“Around 100 fans have got in touch to raise their concerns over this issue and it’s something we are keen to get to the bottom of,” he told The Gazette.

“I believe there is a great likelihood that if this situation is not dealt with effectively by the Oystons, it could lead to public order issues at future games.

“I was at Scunthorpe when the issue of covert filming was raised by a number of supporters.

“It seemed to me very clear that the camera was concentrating on those behind the goal rather than those on the pitch.

“I spoke to a number of reliable witnesses at Gillingham who were convinced similarly about the camera work there.

“The club needs clarify the situation quickly.”