Angry Ollie points finger at referee

Bobby Madley
Bobby Madley
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IAN Holloway blamed the referee for the Seasiders failure to see off Portsmouth.

Pool might have continued their nine-game unbeaten start to the year, but the manager was fuming about one incident which he reckoned turned the game.

He claimed Lomana LuaLua was fouled twice in the middle of the pitch, moments before Portsmouth broke and scored.

A Stephen Crainey free-kick salvaged a point, but Holloway was too frustrated to look at the positives – he was spitting feathers at the official Robert Madeley.

“I am sick and fed up of it. We need the referee to do his job. If he had done his job then Portsmouth wouldn’t have scored, simple as that,” said Holloway.

“What happened was that we soaked up some pressure and made a brilliant breakaway move, which we are learning how to do.

“Then Lua got fouled not just once, but twice, so blatantly and so obviously that we were ready to take the free-kick.

“Instead, nothing was given, and they’ve gone up the other end, and a minute later it is in the back of the net, when none of our team was over the fact that the referee hadn’t given a free-kick.

“It is almost laughable, to be honest.


“Tom Ince was breaking but he got body-checked by Halford, a cynical old pro’s foul.

“I saw it, the fourth official saw it, but the referee and the linesman didn’t, so that was three fouls in one move.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m carping on.

“It happens in football. But it doesn’t happen near enough for us the other way.

“How many times was Roman Bednar fouled and how many times did Hayden Mullins foul one of our players? I think it was a world record. How did he not get a yellow card, with the greatest respect?

“You just want fairness.

“You just want the referee to see what was going on. I just want a bit of correctness. It was a foul, so give it.

“Then the rest of it wouldn’t have happened.

“We’ve have gone in 0-0 at half time and won the game 1-0.

“As a referee, you have to do your job and that wasn’t good enough.”

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