Backing of owners is key for Fylde boss Jim Bentley after frustration at Morecambe

Jim Bentley watches his first match as AFC Fylde manager at Maidenhead  Picture: STEVE MCLELLAN
Jim Bentley watches his first match as AFC Fylde manager at Maidenhead Picture: STEVE MCLELLAN
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Jim Bentley says the breakdown in trust with the ownership at Morecambe was a big reason for his switch to AFC Fylde.

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The new Coasters boss also praised his new employer, David Haythornthwaite, and is already feeling the backing from the board.

Bentley was frustrated to learn that one of the Shrimps’ owners had reportedly voted for him to be sacked on a Facebook poll.

He said: “I base my life on respect and honesty and hard work. That’s been tarnished a little bit.

“When you come to the end of the season and you’re looking at what you can do, nothing really changed– it’s getting o n with the job again.

“We struggled a little bit and we’d always back ourselves to get out of the situation we’re in.

“We’ve had the problems over the years with ownerships and transfer embargoes and late payment of wages etc....

“It’s been really difficult. You’re not always going to see eye to eye. I’ve had opportunities to move. In hindsight, maybe I should have moved earlier than when I’ve moved now but the timing hasn’t been right for whatever reason, the club hasn’t been right. My feeling for Morecambe has been intact.

“There comes a stage when the things that go on, and there have been a few things go on over the last 12-18 months that I haven’t agreed with, which has put a bit of a strain with myself and the ownership.

“The final straw, along with the interest with Fylde, the timing just went hand in hand and was perfect.

“I have an owner who is willing to back and support me, took time out to really speak to me about the game, his ambitions and things like that.

“The other side, where you need a bit of backing, I’ve given a lifetime to Morecambe Football Club and when I needed backing I was actually getting the boot laid in on a Facebook poll.

“So that was the final straw for me, when I asked the owner and he admitted it.

“I can’t really work for people like that, because that’s not me.

“I’m thankful I’m now with an owner that is willing to back me. Let’s enjoy the ride and hopefully we’re going to be a success.

“I wish Morecambe all the best in the future and hopefully in time Fylde are playing Morecambe in the Football League.”

In his eight years as Morecambe boss, Bentley was unable to spend a penny, always bringing in players on frees or on loan, despite generating player sales.

Things will be different with the Coasters and the 43-year-old has already had transfer conversations. “We’ve always dealt in free transfers and loans,” he said. “I never paid a transfer fee at Morecambe. We developed some really good players.

“The obvious success story is Tom Barkhuizen, who we had to sell in a bit of a fire sale to generate money to pay wages.

“We’ve had quite a few success stories like that but we never paid for a player. I don’t know what I’d do with £5,000 in my back pocket!

“They’ve bought players here already. The chairman is willing to do what he can within reason to get to where we want to be.

“I’ve developed players, that’s what I want to continue to do but sometimes you need a little bit of money and backing to secure the better players that you’ve got in the building already; and to identify one or two out there that you think can come in and go into your soup so to speak. The different ingredient you need to make sure you’re a success.

“I’m sure he’ll back us on that and hopefully we’ll spend his money wisely. It’s all about getting promoted.”

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