Alexander: Town still have big job to do

Graham Alexander
Graham Alexander
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Despite a 1-0 win at Bootham Crescent on Monday night Fleetwood boss Alexander is taking nothing for granted ahead of tonight’s second leg showdown.

Town are just 90 minutes from a Wembley date, with promotion to League One the ultimate goal.

A sell-out crowd is expected at Highbury to roar the team on.

But Town boss Alexander is working hard to spread the message within the camp that the mission is far from over.

He said: “We’ve done nothing except give ourselves a lead going into the second half of the game.

“The players know that.

“We reiterated it after Monday night because you have to make sure you get the message through.

“There’s experienced players in there saying the same to the younger players too.

“We’ve got to make sure we have our eye on what we need to do.”But even Alexander admits there’s a potential psychological advantage to Fleetwood’s slender lead.

“It was good to beat York after such a long unbeaten run for them,” said Alexander.

“I think it will impact on them more than us.

“That’s just looking from the outside, I can’t judge what’s going on inside another club.

“It was just important for us to get the win on Monday, to take the lead into the second leg.

“That’s it.

“How it effects York I don’t know.

“But maybe it’s just a little confidence boost for us.

“Everyone knew about their record, everyone knew about it going into the game.

“To beat them 1-0 was really pleasing.”

And now he’s ready to put faith in his players, with a place in a Wembley final to be booked.

“You can’t control the result but you can control the team you put out,” said Alexander.

“It’s about passing over control to the players at kick off time and putting your trust in them to get the job done.”

And there’ll be no talk in the Fleetwood changing room tonight about Wembley or promotion.

“We’re not talking about anything but this game,” Alexander said.

“That’s how it has to be.

“I sense it’s the same for the players.

“There’s no distractions, no people thinking ahead of themselves.

“This isn’t over, York are in the play-offs for a reason.

“But so are we.

“We’ve been up the top for a long time and we’ve got to show why.”