Lid lifted on Hughes’ bets

Former Coaster Caspar Hughes
Former Coaster Caspar Hughes
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Two AFC Fylde players caught up on an FA charge over alleged breaches of betting regulations turned out to be losing punters, writes STEVE SIMPSON.

Matty Hughes and Caspar Hughes, who both left the club on the day that the FA announced the charges, LOST money on the football wagers they placed.

Sources who know all about the matter say that Caspar Hughes placed 18 bets – and went the mug punter route into the red.

The bets ranged from 5pence accumulators to £10 wagers; Caspar Hughes’ 18 bets under scrutiny by the FA amounted to around £50 and ended up with a loss of £38.

A source close to Caspar Hughes added: “It is nothing at all like a Joey Barton situation.”

He was referring to the case of the controversial former Manchester City, QPR and Rangers player who fell foul of FA betting regulations earlier in the year.

Barton placed bets on 1,260 matches and was initially banned for 18 months, subsequently reduced on appeal to 13 months on appeal and cannot resume his career until June of next year.

The reliable source said of the Caspar Hughes case said: “Caspar has not bet on his own team and we are only talking of very small amounts.

“We have looked at the rules and he won’t be banned from the game, but will probably be fined. He is looking at his options about his future in football; he has a couple of options on the table.”

Matty Hughes went on to social media to post detailed information about his bets and the small amounts layed out and the losses incurred.

A comment on Twitter in response to criticism of him, said: “Just to clear it up I bet £26 and lost £23 betting on French and premier league in 2015!

“Soon as I knew it was all football I stopped.”

Matty and Caspar Hughes were charged with misconduct along with David Morgan, Richie Baker and Brendon Daniels, of AFC Fylde.