Dave Challinor is delighted to count on AFC Fylde’s star striker

AFC Fylde striker Danny Rowe       Picture: Steve McLellan
AFC Fylde striker Danny Rowe Picture: Steve McLellan
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AFC Fylde Dave Challinor hailed Danny Rowe after another transfer window passed with the striker staying at Mill Farm.

The 29-year-old had been the subject of interest from Cheltenham Town last time around but it was a quiet January in terms of interest in the Coasters’ squad.

Rowe remains with the club despite scoring more than 20 goals for the fifth consecutive season.

He made it 21 with a double against Solihull Moors last weekend, having scored 35, 31, 48 and 24 in his other four seasons, making a total of 159 goals for the club since joining them in 2014.

Challinor said: “Danny has been brilliant.

“This is by no means a flash in the pan; when he came in we were initially in a lower division.

“He has scored goals whenever he has moved up a level, even when he was questioned a little bit.

“His record speaks for itself. He continues to do what he does and put the ball in the back of the net.

“He is a massive part of our success.

“We talked about it when we were coming through; probably before he arrived we were a free-scoring team but a team that had three players that maybe got 20 goals each.

“We never had that 30-goal striker. He solved that problem for us.

“He is a big part of what we do and our team is built around him.”

They might not have had EFL sides circling but, for Challinor, that is no slight on his players or means they are not coveted; it is just the nature of the January window.

Although Challinor brought in Tom Sang from Manchester United on Thursday, he is still keen to recruit with non-league sides still able to shop.

He said: “We had no phonecalls regarding any of our players which is a good thing but ultimately I think that is not a case of not much interest.

“It is just one of those windows were certainly teams in the top division are liable to sell their players.

“Likewise teams that are struggling are looking to invest.

“There has been nothing around our players.

“We brought Tom Sang in from Manchester United.

“He covers lots of positions but, apart from Premier League loans, we did not need to rush on anything.

“We want to potentially bring a forward in but we will be patient with that.”