AFC Fylde boss hopes to build a family atmosphere at Mill Farm

Jim Bentley is unveiled as manager of AFC Fylde
Jim Bentley is unveiled as manager of AFC Fylde
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New AFC Fylde manager Jim Bentley will not shy away from the possibility of an initiation cermony after making the move to Mill Farm.

Such events are common whenever a player joins a new club with singing on their first away trip the usual procedure.

Bentley hasn’t ruled out something similar – although he fears that being the manager makes him a bit of a target.

He said: “I don’t mind; I’ve done it a few times, don’t worry about that!

“If they want me to sing – well, I don’t know!

“It’s alright when you’re one of the lads and you start singing because you’re one of the lads but when you’re a manager or a coach it’s a bit different – you might get something thrown at you!

“We’ll see what happens, I like a laugh and a joke. I’m serious when I need to be serious, I do pride myself on being honest and respectful and doing the right thing. I want to do that.”

Bentley built a close-knit environment at Morecambe and he wants to do the same at Mill Farm.

He said: “I built up a family mentality at Morecambe, things went against us at times in certain departments but we had to stick together and I was at the forefront of that.

“I want to implement that here as well, stamping my character and my personality on the club. Hopefully the players and the people of the club reflect that.

“I give the time of day to anyone. I won’t speak any differently; obviously the chairman is my boss, I’ll have many chats and meetings with him, but I won’t speak any differently to him as I would to the girl on reception, the tea lady, the kit man – whoever it may be.

“I do believe that you treat everyone equal and you give people the respect they deserve and you speak to people how you’d like to be spoken to yourself.

“The players will have their ways of doing what they do. Sometimes you let them run that but there will be times where we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.”