AFC Fylde boss Dave Challinor reveals truth behind Danny Rowe 'transfer request'

Danny Rowe asked to be kept informed of any transfer interest ahead of the deadline  Picture: STEVE MCLELLAN
Danny Rowe asked to be kept informed of any transfer interest ahead of the deadline Picture: STEVE MCLELLAN
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Dave Challinor has played down reports AFC Fylde hotshot Danny Rowe handed in a transfer request on deadline day.

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Speculation surfaced on social media that the striker had expressed a desire to leave the National League outfit.

But, while Challinor admitted Rowe had approached the Mill Farm hierarchy to talk about his future, he said a formal transfer request was never submitted.

The Coasters boss told The Gazette: “Rowey had expressed a desire, not in a disrespectful or aggressive way, that if any bids came in on deadline day he wanted to be made aware of them.

“We told him that it wouldn’t be a case of not letting him know what bids have come in or anything like that and that’s been the case all the way through.

“When bids have come in for him over the last few years he’s always been told about them.

“He was told if any bids came in they would be considered and taken on their merits but nothing materialised.

“I don’t know whether it’s an agent or if a club is being in his ear, but absolutely nothing happened.

“In fairness it was late in terms of him expressing a desire, with less than 12 hours left of the window.

“For someone to come in and then engineer a deal and sort everything out, with medicals and things like that, was always going to be really, really tight.

“Nothing happened and whether anything happens in January I’m not too sure.

“From our perspective we just carry on as we have been and see where things go as the season progresses.”

The Fylde boss added: “It was more of a chat. He spoke to Jamie Roberts, our chief executive, but it was never a formal demand or anything like that.

“It was more of a case of asking the question: if bids came in, would he be given permission to talk to clubs.

“He was told if a bid came in that we thought was acceptable, then yes, there would be no issue at all.

“As it was there was nothing and we didn’t really expect anything.

“But once someone asks the question, you do envisage something might happen.

“But there was nothing from any clubs, so we didn’t really have a decision to make.”

The speculation is unlikely to die down over the course of the season as Rowe, who turns 30 in January, will be out of contract at the end of the campaign.

“He’s in a position where it’s up to him really,” Challinor added.

“I know the chairman has spoken to him about a contract.

“He’s obviously at an age now where he’s looking for some security. Yes, he will want to play in the Football League – I think anyone would want to do that.

“But from his perspective he has a decision to make. He can let his contract run out and see where he wants to go, but if that’s going to be the case he has to perform to put himself in a position where he has plenty of suitors come the summer.”