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England winning the cricket so easily is all very well and good but let’s be honest, it’s not quite as exciting as it used to be.

It was miles more fun when we were rubbish. Wins were so unexpected back in the bad old days of the 80s and 90s that we treasured every single one. A draw against Zimbabwe used to be cause for national celebration and a new stamp. I remember getting a day off school in 1985 when we beat New Zealand by 12 runs.

England celebrate winning the First Investec Ashes Test match at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

England celebrate winning the First Investec Ashes Test match at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

But now because we’re slick and professional and good we expect to win, which is a very different thing.

It’s a bit like being a Manchester United fan, which I’ve always argued must be pretty boring.

You expect to win every game, any other outcome and you are disappointed. You win the league so often you become pretty blasé about it. Finish second and it’s a poor season.

I am so thankful my dad raised me to be a Bury supporter. Granted they were rubbish and it led to 30 years of unhappiness but that mediocrity meant I had so many more high moments. United fans will never understand the joy and pleasure that accompanies an unexpected 2-2 draw at Rochdale. United fans don’t know how wonderful it feels to go up via the play-offs, or the thrill of winning a game on the last day of the season to avoid relegation.

Sport is like life, full of ups and downs. If there are too many ups, the downs are harder to take. So a defeat for United is much more painful than a defeat for Bury, or Blackpool.

England are in that wonderful position of having a great team, much better than Australia, and long may their supremacy continue.

But there is a downside and it is that this Ashes series is nowhere near as exciting and nail-biting as 2005 or 2009.

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