Buckley can barely believe it

Waterloo winner  Andy Buckley.
Waterloo winner Andy Buckley.
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Andy Buckley got so excited that he had won the Waterloo bowling title at long last that he performed a semi-strip!

Buckley, from Oldham, won an a tense final, beating Wayne Ditchfield, of Preston, 21-19 at the South Shore stadium.

And in in the most unorthodox celebration in the century-old tournament, on realising that he he had sent down the telling, deciding wood, Buckley promptly took off his shirt and twirled it around his head before being congratulated by two supporters who wanted to share Buckley’s magic moment.

He said: “I did the celebration for my daughter Olivia who told me to do it,

“She saw me doing it on the internet when I won a competition at Cleckheaton and she said I had to do it again if I won the Waterloo.

“I have won the Spring Waterloo twice and this is the monkey off my back.

“I have always known that I have been capable of winning the Waterloo, but it is a question of getting over the line.

“This has been my best season ever and this has crowned it.”

Buckley had considered at one point giving up the game after a hip operation and suffering severe back pain, but after that scare he hasn’t looked back.

“I have given it everything and the rewards are there,” added Buckley, who emulated his father Stuart, who lost the famous ‘Watersplash final’ of 1976 when he was defeated Blackpool’s Keith Illingworth.

“I have done it for my dad and my family,” the 2013 Waterloo champion added.

Quarter-finals: JImmy Derby (Radcliffe) 21, Jason Jones (Abergele) 20; Andy Buckley (Oldham) 21, Ian Nicholson (Kendal) 11; Peter Willaims (George) 21, John Kennish (Isle Of Man) 14; Wayne Ditchfield (Preston) 21, Thomas Lowndes (Ellesmere Port) 17.

Sermi-finals: Buckley 21, Derby 12; Ditchfield 21, Williams 13.

Final: Buckley 21, Ditchfield 19