SLIDESHOW: Lion down but not out in New York

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Beaten but still a Blackpool hero, boxer Brian Rose gave a graphic description of what it was like to face Demetrius Andrade as his world title hopes were shattered in New York.

Rose ruled out retirement after he was stopped in the seventh round of a painfully one-sided WBO light-middleweight encounter at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, having been knocked down twice.

Brian Rose in action against Demetrius Andrade

Brian Rose in action against Demetrius Andrade

And the 29-year-old revealed: “Every time I threw a punch I felt like I was getting punished for it.

“Andrade was superb. No-one has ever done that to me, as an amateur or a pro.

“I thought I could take his shots on the gloves but I couldn’t.

“Andrade kept getting through and his speed was unbelievable.

“There were times when I didn’t dare throw a punch. Every time I did, I got caught.

“I have never had it like that. I was getting hit with all kinds of shots.

“My jab is normally a lethal weapon but I couldn’t hit him with it. Andrade was absolute class.

“I hope he does go on to great things. We heard a lot about him before and that he would be disrespectful, but he wasn’t.

“He is a lovely kid, and I hope he goes on to win more world titles and gets a shot at Floyd Mayweather.”

Rose paid tribute to the fans who came over to cheer him on but left as disappointed as he was.

“Blackpool has been great to me throughout my career. I have always had great support and I hope they carry on supporting me. I know they won’t abandon me. I did my best.

“I got up each time he knocked me down but there was nothing I could do.”

This frank and honest assessment came after Rose was knocked down in the first and third rounds, and he will now take time out to consider his options.

Rose insisted he will have no qualms about stepping down to the domestic division he ruled, though he admitted he was shattered by the manner of Saturday night’s defeat.

He said: “I am devastated because boxing has been my life since I was nine years old.

“But I can say I have fought in New York on the biggest stage. Alot of great champions will come out of the Barclays Center and Demetrius Andrade is one of them. He can be a superstar.

“I will have a break and get back fighting to British level. If I got another opportunity like this, I will take it. I am just going to rest up now.”

“Maybe I could have done better but I was always going to lose that fight. He was a level above me and I probably underestimated him a bit and I froze. I have always been honest throughout my caree. I didn’t box my best but if I had I would still have got beaten.

“I could say I am going to retire but I am not. There might be another opportunity that arises– maybe a European title – but if I have to go back down and win the British title, that is what I will do.

“They were the best times of my career, defending that British title (Rose won a Lonsdale belt to keep after three successful defences before relinquishing the title to pursue his world title ambitions).

“If I have to fight someone like Liam Smith, that won’t be problem. I can handle that level – it’s Demetrius Andrade I can’t handle.”

Rose’s face visibly bore the scars of battle. He had a big swelling over the right eye and the ringside doctor sent him to the local Brooklyn hospital to have it checked out.

Rose joked: “It went in my last fight as well against Javier Maciel, so my modelling days are over!”

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