Rose ready for New York showdown

Brian Rose
Brian Rose
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Brian Rose’s faithful, long-serving trainer Bobby Rimmer could not be happier with his fighter as the big showdown draws ever nearer.

Rimmer, speaking before today’s weigh-in at the big fight venue, the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, said: “Brian is in a great place.

“Mentally, he has never been better prepared.

“He’s the fittest he’s ever been and he is ready.”

The pair appeared together at a pre-fight press conference, but there was no bad-mouthing by either fighter.

That is never Rose’s style anyway, while champion Andrade was sanguine and polite unlike how he came over earlier in the week with ‘whip ass’ comments.

Rimmer said: “The press conference was very civilised.

“There was one funny moment when Andrade told Brian: ‘I am going to beat you, young boy...

“Brian fired back: ‘young boy? I am older than you!”

“That was the spirit at the press conference.

“Andrade behaved like a gentleman and Brian behaved as he normally does.”

Rimmer says the Rose camp have no qualms about the fact that the three judges will all be from the United States, with the referee a Canadian.

Rose’s trainer stated: “We have no problems with that - there is a new boxing commissioner in time and we know that Brian will get a fair shake from the judges.”