Rose is aiming to reach the heights

Brian Rose
Brian Rose
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BLACKPOOL boxer Brian Rose is changing his strategy – and his lifestyle – as he prepares for his British light-middleweight challenge against holder Prince Arron at Robin Park Centre Wigan on December 3.

Rose has temporarily bade goodbye to Blackpool for a month, and moved to Manchester to train for the biggest fight of his career.

At 6ft, Rose is himself tall for a light-middleweight, but for the first time in his career he will be taking on a fighter in Arron who bigger than he is (6ft 3in).

In order to prepare himself fully, Rose has been sparring with a couple of boxers who stand 6ft 4in.

Rose said: “Normally, I am looking down on a fighter and using my jab, but I need to get inside when I box Prince Arron, rough him up and get aggressive.

“I am not used to fighting that way and is foreign to the way I normally box, but I have to adapt and to do that I have been sparring with a couple of fighters who are 6ft 4in.”

Rose says that leaving his partner and six-month-old baby Oscar is a hardship he has to undertake to fulfil his goal and become British champion next month.

“I know that it is something I have to do and I just need to get away from Blackpool, so that I don’t have any distractions.

“I know that people will say that I am underdog to win the fight, but that is what pushes me to train so hard because I know I can win.”

Arron has not fought since May when he took the title from Sam Webb,

Rose and Arron have met before – but only in a sparring session.

Rose will be aiming to become the first boxer from Blackpool to win a British title for half a century since the days of heavyweight champion Brian London.

n ANYONE interested in pictures for the Rose v Arron fight should ring (01253) 694574 during office hours.

Tickets are priced at £35 and £60.