Rimmer: Rose fight had to be stopped

Bobby Rimmer with Brian Rose
Bobby Rimmer with Brian Rose
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Brian Rose’s trainer Bobby Rimmer gave an honest appraisal of the fight. He said: “Andrade is an absolute world-class operator and in that first round Brian froze a little bit.

“Brian couldn’t get any of his shots off. Every time he tried something he was punished for it.

“There are a lot of fighters in this game who would not have got up from those punches from Andrade. Brian kept getting up and trying and trying.

“When the end came I was on the ring apron with the boxing official and I wanted it stopped because I had seen enough.

“Andrade is a better fighter than Brian. If you are in a ring with someone who is better than you, you are going to get beaten and that is it. “There is nothing else you can do.

“Brian showed grit, determination, utter courage, but that just isn’t good enough against Demetrius Andrade.”

n Demetrius Andrade was in a bragging mood after the fight and he had every right to be bullish.

He had Rose down with a left in the first and with a ferocious right in the third, and he crowed: “I am the best in the world.

“I was taking my time and my power was affecting him.

“I took round five off to see the openings, the sixth round I picked it up and in the seventh round he had to go.”