Rimmer brims with optimism ahead of big fight night

Bobby Rimmer and Brian Rose are working together
Bobby Rimmer and Brian Rose are working together
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Fight trainer Bobby Rimmer has revealed that he has been forced to reign back Brian Rose as he prepares for the ‘Battle Of Blackpool’ against Jack Arnfield at the Manchester Arena on March 25.

Rimmer said: “Brian has his own gym now and is in there every day, but I had to give him a couple of days off because we don’t want him overcooked for the fight.

“Brian is fit because he always lives the life – we were told two weeks before Christmas that there was a big fight on the horizon. Brian had a couple of days off over Christmas and the New Year and has been back in the gym since January 2.”

There are several fascinating sub-plots to the Rose versus Arnfield encounter.

The two boxers were friends and stablemates for years, sharing the same trainer in Rimmer.

Arnfield split from him and is now with Michael and Dave Jennings since which time he has gone on to win the World Boxing Association international middleweight title, which will be on the line against Arnfield.

Much has been made of the fact that Arnfield has progressed up the ladder since then, though Rimmer doesn’t necessarily concur.

Rimmer, who has moved from Manchester to live in Bispham, said: “Jack has been saying that he has improved, but we will have to find out on the night, but apart from a few tweaks I am sure that the basics are the same.”

“It has to an advantage that I trained Jack for the first 18 fights as a professional; Jack has got momentum, but you would expect him to beating a fighter like Mick Hall, and though he beat John Ryder it was a very close fight.”

“What I do know is that the best Brian Rose will be in there on the night.

“Everything has gone great in the camp so far and the most important thing is that Brian is injury-free.

“Last year when he was boxing he had trouble with his shoulder, elbow and nose, but everything is right now.”