Champion Scott states case to keep Belt

Cardle - with the Lonsdale Belt
Cardle - with the Lonsdale Belt
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Scott Cardle’s camp are contesting the decision not to let the Lytham boxer keep the Lonsdale Belt as of right on the strength of his clinical demolition of Kevin Hooper.

However, the British Board Of Control are in no mood to budge - officials say the three defences needed to hold on to the belt all have to be wins. Cardle has now had two victories and one draw in defending the title.

Cardle said: “I think we will have to talk to the Board, won’t we? I have had a few hard rounds for this belt, so there may be a dispute.

“I have always wanted to have this belt outright and that is my first plan, then I can move on.”

Speaking of his win over Hooper, Cardle said: “Kevin is more of a boxer and I fought better against that opposition.

“I learned a lot from my two fights with ‘Masher’ Dodd – I knew I needed to keep my head and keep my composure and I think I did that.

“Confidence had a lot to do with this win – I lost a lot (against Dodd), I thought I had reached my level. I know I can go further, but I still have a lot to pick up on – the next stage is calling. I am just waiting for that.”