Boxer Rose splits from long-term trainer Rimmer

Rose (left) parting of the ways
Rose (left) parting of the ways
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One of the longest and most successful partnerships in British boxing - between Brian Rose and his trainer Bobby Rimmer - is over.

The pair have split after 12 years during which time the combination scale the heights at domestic level before moving into world class.

Rose said the pair had parted on good terms, but now was the time to find a fresh approach to training with the Blackpool boxer intent on continuing his career.

Rose will look at different options over the coming weeks.

He said: "Me and Bobby will still remain friends, maybe even become better friends after this.

"I know that Bobby is an outstanding trainer - he has worked with boxers like Ricky and Matthew Hatton, Michael Gomez, as well as myself.

"He got me to a British title and a world title shot and put me in world class, but I just feel I need a change.

"I want to learn new techniques and prove myself to a new trainer as I move on to the next chapter in my career and the last chapter.

"It did upset me having to tell Bobby, but it is the best thing for me, though I will always be grateful to him and what we have done together in boxing has been amazing, winning the Lonsdale Belt outright, boxing in a final eliminator for the world title and fighting for the world title itself ( a punishing loss against Demetrius Andrade)

"He let me stay in his house rent-free for six months when I didn't have any money - his son is like my brother and his daughters are like my sisters.

"Bobby has told me that he will always be there for me if I want advice or help and I appreciate that."

Now Rose is testing the water in his search for a new trainer.

Next week he will journey to Glasgow to train for a few days under the supervision of Billy Nelson, while he plans a visit to Ricky Hatton's gym.

The split with Rimmer also means that his erstwhile trainer will no longer be working at Rose's town centre gym in Blackpool, which opened in the winter,

Rose said: "The gym has proved a big distraction to me.

"But now that it has got off the ground I will have people running it and I can focus on boxing, which I wasn't able to do before.

"I also need to train away from Blackpool.

"Of course, it was great to go home to the kids when I was training in Blackpool, but I need to get back to training away, not seeing my children and making sacrifices just for them to motivate myself."

"I know if I had done more I could have beaten Jack Arnfield and Matthew Macklin and it was not as if I was badly beaten in either of those fights."

Rose says there are still big fights out there for him.

Rose revealed he had been offered a shot at Sam Sheedy's Commonwealth middleweight title, but rejected it because the money on offer was 'terrible'.

He intends to carry on campaigning at light-middleweight.