Blackpool’s golden boy inspired by sounds from home

Brian Rose at the Barclays Center
Brian Rose at the Barclays Center
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Brian Rose revealed the huge incentive at stake In his pursuit of world title glory in New York tonight.

A win over Demetrius Andrade would not only land the Blackpool boxer the WBO light-middleweight championship but would help push him into the millionaire bracket.

That, allied to the huge kudos of being world champion, is driving the 29-year-old on tonight in his 12-round clash at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn.

Rose said:”Eddie Hearn (Rose’s manager) has already told me that if I win this fight it is going to make me a millionaire. I am sitting on a pot of gold.

“I am 36 minutes away from being a millionaire,” said Rose, reflecting on how a win can open so many doors and bigger, more lucrative fights.

“It’s not all about money, though – it is about achieving my goals.

“My ambition was to win a British title, which I did, and now my ambition is to win a world title. The most important thing is to set up security for my partner Danielle and my son Oscar, making sure they don’t ever have to worry about money.”

Rose is hoping that a win will ensure he gets all the credit he deserves for his talent, which has not always been the case in his career.

He said: “I am sick of proving people wrong and I am doing this for people who have believed in me from the start.

“I come here with no pressure on my shoulders.

“The pressure is on Andrade. He is the man who HBO (the TV network) are pushing as a big name. He has to bring it on and show me that he is not just all hype.”

Rose got a rapturous reception at the weigh-in in which both boxers were inside the 11-stone limit.

He said: “If I could explain how it felt, I would. It was an an amazing feeling. I knew there were a few coming and they were very loud.

“It was brilliant to hear them chanting ‘Seasiders’ in New York is an inspiration and it is going to spur me on as they are all going to be sitting close to the ring tonight.”

Rose believes that Andrade toiled to make 11-stone.

“There is no doubt that Andrade has struggled to come in at the weight. He is moving up (to middleweight) after this fight win or lose. That shows he is struggling for the weight.

“I let him know that I knew it at the weigh-in. When I stood in front of him, I said to him: ‘You look as though you have struggled at the weight. He is not a natural light-middleweight. He is a middleweight.

“I am a natural at light-middleweight and I don’t struggle to make the weight .

This will be a big telling factor tonight. I am going to show it and set a pace from the start that he is not going to be able to cope with. I intend to prove I belong on this stage.”

“Whatever happens, I will get another world title shot.”

Andrade’s southpaw style could pose Rose problems, as the boxer himself accepts.

“Southpaws pose problems for everyone. It is a known fact that southpaws should be strangled at birth!

“They are horrible (to fight against) but for the last 14 weeks that is all I have done– spar with southpaws.

“I can’t imagine fighting an orthodox boxer. I am ready for a southpaw and I want to fight a southpaw. “Whether I am ready for a world-class southpaw, we will see.”

Michael Buffer, the man with the ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’ saying, will be master of ceremonies tonight and Rose is thrilled with that.

Rose said: “I told Michael Buffer that you know you have smashed it in the fight game when he is the announcer. He told me ‘The Lion’ was a great nickname to announce. He told me he would enjoy saying it. The atmosphere will be surreal and I have to cope with it.”