Club runners fare well in marathon

'Vicky Barlow and Claire Bateman Stephenson at the finish of the Dublin Marathon.'' ''
'Vicky Barlow and Claire Bateman Stephenson at the finish of the Dublin Marathon.'' ''
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WESHAM Road Runners had a fine showing in the Preston Guild Marathon.

Rob Danson was 17th in a time of 2:52:19. John Collier was 36th and first M55 in 3:06:22, an excellent performance.

Steve Myerscough was next with 3:14:12 in 75th position. Troy Watson came in 77th in 3:14:29 for eighth M45.

Sue Coulthurst was eighth woman and second W40 in 3:20:59, 107th overall.

Joanna Goorney was ninth woman and third W40 in 3:22:44, 116th overall.

Richard Davies finished 128th and 14th M50 in 3:24:45.

John Bertenshaw finished 156th and second M55 in 3:29:03.

Joe Hodkinson was 185th in 3:32:03; and Nigel Shepherd 194th in 3:33:22, 17th M50.

In the Half-Marathon Karl Lee finished seventh seventh in 1:18:11.

Barry Norman ran 1:21:00 for 13th place.

Simon Eaton was 68th in 1:30:05, 11th M40.

Emma Lund was third woman and 73rd overall in 1:30:24.

George Kennedy was 106th with 1:33:21, eighth M55.

Helen Lawrenson was eighth woman and second W40 in 1:34:17, 115th overall.

Nicola Unworth was 14th woman, fourth W40 and 207th overall in 1:40:24.

Brian Jones was 249th in 1:41:36; Tony Kemp 275th in 1:42:51; Peter Bartlett 341st and 5th M60 in 1:45:49; Jenn Thompson was 50th woman and 409th in 1:48:18; Sara Ward 59th woman and fifth W45 in 1:49:01, 439th overall; Phil Leaver 463rd and 29th M55 in 1:49:41; John Sharples 471st in 1:49:49; Peter Cooke 811th with 1:57:33; Dave Young 911th in 1:59:50; Stephen Wilkinson 1156th in 2:04:43; Mike Walsh was 5th M70+ and 1284th in 2:08:06.

Claire Bateman Stephenson finished 7850th in the Dublin Marathon in 4:22:00

Vicky Barlow came in 7849th with 4:21:59

Alex Rowe ran the Pennington Flash park-run and ran 18:18, improving his age graded performance to 83.97%.

Helen Lawrenson ran in the Preston park-run, clocking 21:09 giving her a 73.29% age graded performance.

Graham Cunliffe clocked 22:31 for 68.84% in the Burnley park-run.