A run in the Park for Wesham athletes

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It was a big day at the races for Wesham on Saturday at the Northern Athletics women’s six-stage and men’s 12-stage road relays at Stanley Park in Blackpool.

The club had two women’s and men’s teams running with the women’s race including two legs of 9.5K and four of 5.2K.

The A team finished 38th thanks to Carmel Sullivan (42:34), Jess Coulthurst (24:51), Pauline Eccleston (29:01), Sue Coulthurst (41:27), Claire Jones (28:48) and Bernadette Dickinson (26:14).

The B team comprised Tracey Hulme (45:54), Caz Wadsworth (32:43), Anne Berry (28:19), Kath Hoyer (45:05), Sue Rigby (32:55) and Diana Blagden (25:59).

Wesham’s men had a dozen stages with four at 9.5K; their runners were Rob Danson (29:54), Steve Waterhouse (18:08), James Mulvaney (33:11), Steven Gore (20:41), David Taylor (34:39), Alan Hudson (21:59), Ugis Datavs (35:39), Eliot Costello (22:48), Phil Leaver (24:46), Jason Blagden (20:26) and Ben Wrigley (25:13).

The B team comprised Stuart Topping (38:35), Roger Leadbeater (19:12), Nigel Shepherd (42:17), Sean Murray (22:41), Alan Taylor (48:56), Dave Young (26:20), Carl Groome (29:19), Robert Danson (27:18), Peter Bartlett (25:49), Peter Cooke (27:38) and Mark Renshall (21:11).

A good contingent of Wesham runners competed at the Coniston 14, led in by Lee Barlow (1:32.10), followed by Paul Gregory (1:33.17), Paul Hetherington (1:34.36), Steve Myerscough (1:34.41), Jason Barlow (1:34.59), Catherine Carrdus (1:43.55), Helen Lawrenson (1:45.21), Nicola Unsworth (1:48.14), John Bertenshaw (1:49.19), Martin Bates (1:52.57), Paul Carter (2:24.32), Tanya Barlow (2:29.32) and Finlay McCalman (2:44.53).

Steve and Debbie Myerscough competed in the nine-mile category at the Muddy Bottoms cross-country navigational event, finishing in 1:59.54 and 1:59.49 respectively.

Phil Leaver ran the Cheshire 10K at Arley Hall on Sunday, finishing 446th in 51:04.

In the Lytham Hall parkrun, Ben Wrigley ran 24:42, Sharon Cooper 26:18, Graham Cunliffe 27:33, Emma Davies 29:27, Ashleigh Coles 30:47 and Debbie Bell 34:19.

At Preston, David Taylor ran 21:07, Vicky Gore 25:23 and Robert Brown, while at Blackpool, Simon Denye (22:30) came in ahead of Anne Flanagan (30:37), Mark Bellfield (31:56) and George Flanagan (35:09).