Alastair Taylor video golf tips

Alastair Taylor advises on better drives
Alastair Taylor advises on better drives
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My five tips for longer drives

I don’t know any golfer who doesn’t want to hit the ball further off the tee and with the cold, winter conditions every extra yard counts - so here are my five tips to drive the ball further than ever.

1 Move the ball further forward in your stance. It encourages more of an upward strike creating a higher launch angle and lower spin, two of the keys to longer drives).

2) Open up your lead foot by rotating your foot more towards the target. Hopefully this will allow you to turn your hips quicker and further out of the way through imact.

3) Tilt your spine even more away from the target than normal. Again this will encourage the club head to move even better through impact.

4) Turn your shoulders as much as you can in your backswing. We are trying to create as much coil as possible to create power in the downswing.

5) Swing as fast as possible in the downswing. Speed is another key ingredient - extra club-head speed is worth two to three extra yards, so swing fast.

Try these and I am sure you will be hitting bigger drives but don’t try too many on the run if your body is not used to it.