Who are these boys in this picture?

Picture sent in by reader David Lea, taken in Poulton, but no further information.
Picture sent in by reader David Lea, taken in Poulton, but no further information.
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Reader David Lea sent in this wonderful old photograph and wondered if Memory Lane readers could help him figure out its history.

The picture is dated June 1915 and was taken in Poulton.

It shows three rows of smartly-dressed boys, who appear to be around similar ages. Most are wearing ties and some wearing blazers.

Some sit cross-legged on the ground in the front row, while others are standing.

Most of them look pretty sulky and not at all impressed with whatever the occasion is, though some have a wry smile.

David is hoping readers might be able to shed some light on the mystery photo.

He said: “The photograph belonged to my late grandmother and although I suspect there may be a family connection, I’ve no idea what it is, or why she chose to keep it among other treasured family photos.

“It’s incredibly detailed and in excellent condition.

“I just love the expressions on the boys’ faces, the character of the man standing at the back, and the overall mood the photo conveys!

“It’s obviously taken during the war years in Poulton and the ‘No 3’ written on it would seem to suggest it is at least ‘one of three’ similar photos taken together. At first I thought it was a school photo, but there are no girls on it and the adult doesn’t really look like school-master material!

“People have suggested boys-brigade or Poulton Gala (which took place in June) or characters from a play, but the truth is we honestly don’t know. There’s no information on the back either.

“The likelihood is everyone on the photo will have now passed away but Gazette readers may have a grandfather or great-grandfather on there perhaps, or local historians out there may be able to shed some light on the subject matter?”

If you can help with any information, email emma.harris@jpress.co.uk