These are 17 things you can no longer do in Blackpool

Blackpool has changed and evolved over the years.

Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 4:00 pm
These are 17 things you can no longer do in Blackpool

As the wheels of progress keep turning, we have had to say goodbye to many favourites from shops to nightclubs. Here are 17 things you can no longer do in Blackpool:

In the late 90s there were still two cinemas in Blackpool town centre. Sadly both closed in 1998.
Sweets, CDs and kids clothes, there was something for everyone at Woolies. The retailer disappeared from the UK's high streets in January 2009.

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In 2006 the bus station was earmarked for demolition as part of the 227 million redevelopment - the Talbot Gateway project - to revitalise the area.
Netwflix might be more convenient, but it certainly isn't as much fun as visiting a Blockbuster store to pick out the latest VHS release. The company is another victim of the internet.
Based in the Palatine Building, on Central Promenade, the 3,000 capacity world-famous club was the largest in the North West during the 90s.
A staple of the High Street for decades, BHS closed down in 2016 after going into administration.
There was a time you could fly by helicopter from North Pier to South Pier and back. The rides ended following the Christmas Eve storm of 1997 which destroyed the landing jetty, including the helipad.
Large commercial passenger flights ended at the resort's airport back in October 2014.
The huge curved boating pool in North Shore was popular with holiday makers in its heyday. Now the space is used as a karting track, fitted out with circuits defined by old car tyres.
One of Blackpool Pleasure Beach's craziest rides was dismantled in 2018, much to the relief of traumatised parents everywhere.
We said goodbye to this much loved adventure playground in May 2019. The play area has made way for a new development, which will be called The Fifth Floor, family entertainment space which will combine a stage and function room.
Visitors haven't been able to pay as they go since 2009.
The circus hasnt used animals since 1990, but the stables and pens used to house the animals still remain below the circus ring.
A huge fire ripped through one of the theme parks most popular attractions back in 1991. Valhalla, which opened in 2000, was built in the space the Fun House formerly occupied.
The Syndicate closed in August 2011 after nine years at the centre of the towns clubbing scene, when it could house up to 4,000 clubbers on a weekend night.
Indoor bowls players were left devastated in 2009 following the news that the centre would be demolished to make way for the 220m Talbot Gateway project.
This swimming pool still holds a special place in many hearts. Sadly in the late 80s, the number of swimmers using the baths began to drop and the council made the decision it should close. The building was demolished in 1990.