Lancashire nostalgia in 1991: Kissograms, raves and condoms for cons

The saucy life of a McDonald's boss is revealed
The saucy life of a McDonald's boss is revealed
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Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1991:

Saucy life of a Mac boss revealed

Fast food boss Sarah Brothwell serves up a red-hot speciality in her own time - as a sexy kissogram girl.

Sarah, from Leigh, was back at work as manageress of the McDonald’s restaurant in Chorley after fearing her late night strips might not be relished by her bosses.

By day Sarah makes customers’ days in charge of the Market Street burger outlet, and by night puts on her bra, stockings and suspenders, regularly ending up topless after a tantalising striptease in front of her victim.

Sarah, who has a degree in maths and engineering, has already been approached by mens magazine Mayfair after her revealing performances were discovered.

She said: I am quite naive really, and do it as a bit of fun. I don’t strip off totally.”

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Beach acid rave party blocks roads

More than 2,000 ravers descended on Southport for the resort’s first acid house party - on the beach.

The mass rave caused major traffic problems as more than 1,000 cars from all over the North West, including Manchester and Liverpool, flocked to the town.

Superintendent Ken Milne of Southport police said: “It was like rush hour all night long. But we only had one arrest for possession of drugs.

“The road down to the beach was fairly congested. People arrived in taxis but of course when they came to leave there was not enough transport, so we had quite a lot of people milling around, waiting for public transport on Sunday morning.

“We had no complaints from residents and the event seems to have been organised in the right way.”

Ainsdale resident Mr Ronnie Horner said: “We had no problem with the party. I never heard a thing.”

It’s condoms for cons

Prisoners at a Lancashire jail are being offered a little security package when they go home on leave.

Jailbirds at Lancaster Prison will be provided with “something for the weekend leave” - three packets of condom.

Prison governors decided to make contraception available to prisoners after complaints from two women who were not prepared when their partners were released on short leave.

Lancaster Health Authority has agreed to provide the condoms free of charge as part of its campaign to stop the spread of Aids.

Community health officer Dr John Dyer said: “The prison authorities asked us if we would provide condoms and we thought it an excellent idea.”

Prisoners completing their sentence can also pick up three packets of condoms.