Wyre is quietest place in region, noise nuisance data shows

Noise complaints in Wyre are the lowest in the region
Noise complaints in Wyre are the lowest in the region
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Wyre’s neighbours have been hailed the best in the North West when it comes to noise nuisance.

The borough recorded just 160 complaints across the year in a population of 107,000 – or 1.5 complaints per 1,000 residents.

Blackpool recorded 624 complaints in a population of 109,100; 4.5 per thousand. And in Fylde there were 525 complaints in 75,800; 7 per thousand.

Dogs provoked the largest number of complaints in Wyre and Fylde, while neighbours were the main contention in Blackpool.

The data was collected by a research team for Cirrus.

Cirrus’ Thomas Shelton said: “With noise nuisance, people are now much more aware of their rights and more likely to complain than grin and bear it. Elderly people are also more likely to complain as they spend more time indoors.

“Cirrus has been making noise nuisance monitors for more than 30 years and we have seen certain trends emerging over more recent years.

“And with more homes now having wooden or laminate floors and wall-mounted TVs, we are seeing more domestic complaints as there is less to insulate the noise within the home.”

The total number of complaints for the whole of the North West came in at 39,960 for 2015.