THREE lots of roadworks are reportedly causing traffic chaos in Poulton - here's when they'll end

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Three lots of roadworks - and temporary traffic lights - are reportedly causing traffic chaos in Poulton.

Motorists spoke of their frustration at jams tailing back at the way to nearby Carleton from Blackpool Old Road in the town centre.

Water firm United Utilities began emergency work outside number 41 on Sunday and expects to be there until Friday.

Gas company National Grid is working to find and fix a leak outside number 41, and expects to be there until next Tuesday.

And phone operator BT is working outside numbers 61 and 63, and expects to be there until Thursday.

Temporary traffic lights are being used at all three jobs, county council documents showed, with a spokeswoman this afternoon saying all information was up-to-date.

Dave Wade told The Gazette: "Poulton is grid-locked because road workers have decided to pop roadworks at the top of Blackpool Old Road, but put lights up but not turned any on, so it's a complete standstill everywhere.

"I'm sure there are a lot of frustrated motorists as it's back all the way to Carleton, and the one-way system is complete madness. Complete gridlock at the worst time possible."