Parking chaos warning for Poulton streets

Parking is a major issue in the streets close to Poulton station'Image: Google
Parking is a major issue in the streets close to Poulton station'Image: Google
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Residents’ parking is needed to stop chaos in Poulton.

That is the warning from Coun Alf Clempson who is leading the battle to have schemes introduced.

He says County Hall bosses are now listening, with consultations due to start on one street next year.

But he says residents need more support to stop commuters clogging up streets.

That includes the introduction of residents only parking and a larger car park for rail users

Network Rail is planning to temporarily close the car park at Poulton station.

Coun Clempson does not believe that closure will have a major impact but is hoping a long-term solution can be found for commuters.

He said: “The closure of the car park at Poulton is not going to make things any worse.

“In the grand scheme it is the loss of little more than a dozen spaces.

“This is a long term issue.

“There are problems with people leaving their cars on streets for two or three weeks while they go on holiday, people parking across drives.

“Then in Poulton you have major supermarkets, banks and several schools.

“I’ve repeatedly asked County Hall for residents parking.

“Now there seems to be some movement and consultation will start on one street in the new year.

“But it needs to be a wider scheme.

“I’m also hoping Network Rail will continue talks over better parking provision for Poulton.

“At the moment they are improving services which will bring more people to the railway without thinking about where these people will park.”