TV show hunt for duo in resort

Chief hunter Peter Bleksley
Chief hunter Peter Bleksley
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They’re two of the most wanted people in the country – by TV producers and a team of crack former cops tying to stop them winning a share of £100,000.

For the team behind TV series Hunted, which sees 10 contestants try and stay one step ahead of detectives tracking them down for 28 days, are after a duo who dined in Blackpool yesterday lunchtime.

Hunted contestant Jeremy Scarratt

Hunted contestant Jeremy Scarratt

Jeremy Scaratt, 57, who goes by the name of Jez, and Kirk Bowett, 37, were spotted around 1.30pm on Bank Holiday Monday at the Mr Basrai World Cuisines Restaurant in the Talbot Gateway.

Now, producers and the lead ‘detective’ hunting them down, have appealed to Gazette readers to get involved in the show and track the duo down.

They have been issuing ‘wanted’ posters for the two men – but want to stress to people they are not criminals, have done nothing wrong, and should not be approached.

Since the photographs of the duo were taken, both men have died their hair blond, and both are amputees.

Kirk has a prosthetic left arm and Jez has a prosthetic lower right leg.

Leading the team in hot pursuit is The Chief of the Hunter team, Peter Bleksley.

He is a South Londoner who joined the Met Police and went on to become one of the force’s most successful undercover cops: he took on international drugs gangs, the IRA and the Mafia and has helped put hundreds of criminals behind bars. And he had to go into witness protection when a contract was put on his head. Now he’s in charge of tracking down contestants on Hunted, which aired for the first time last year.

To report a sighting of either of the contestants, call (0207) 483 6612 or email spotted@shine.tv. There could be a reward.