Pupil hurt in freak pencil accident

Principal Chris Lickiss reassured parents that the boy was not badly hurt
Principal Chris Lickiss reassured parents that the boy was not badly hurt
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A pupil has been airlifted to hospital after a freak accident in a Blackpool school.

The Year 7 pupil tripped while walking up a flight of stairs at Unity Academy in North Shore, Blackpool, and stabbed himself in the gut with a pencil.

The Air Ambulance was called to the school on Wednesday afternoon and the boy was flown to Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool.

Headmaster Chris Lickiss said: “As students were moving between classes, one year 7 boy accidentally tripped whilst walking up a flight of stairs.

“No other party was involved.

“Unfortunately as he fell forward, a pencil which he had placed in the inner pocket of his blazer became stuck into the child’s abdomen.

“As soon as the child reported what had happened to a teacher, the school followed its emergency procedure including informing parents of the child and of course the emergency services.

“The air ambulance was called for as a precautionary measure and I am pleased to inform you that the boy and his family returned home, and he will be back in school on Monday morning.

“I am grateful to all colleagues involved yesterday with this unfortunate accident by them ensuring that things were done properly, appropriately and procedurally to ensure the child had the correct medical support as required.”

A letter has been sent to all parents informing them of the incident, and the school has also been in touch with the parents of the injured boy.