"If you can’t say something nice, it’s probably best to say nothing at all": Your reaction to Strictly 'squatter camp' jibe

Picture by Guy Levy
Picture by Guy Levy
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A Strictly Come Dancing professional sparked some debate after he said his fellow dancers compared Blackpool to a 'squatter camp'.

Strictly professional Johannes Radebe, 31,who joins the show this year, revealed that he was warned not to expect much from Blackpool by some people on the show.

Councillor Tony Williams said: "Blackpool has its own problems that it is aware of, but they are coming to the best ballroom in the world and the most famous place for dancing. They should be honoured to be dancing in this magnificent ballroom."

Here's what The Gazette readers had to say...

"If you can’t say something nice, it’s probably best to say nothing at all. How did he expect that his words would be received? I guess it’s great fun for him and his wealthy friends to talk down to those less fortunate."

Dave Nuttall

"Same in every town and city in Britain today, not just Blackpool, open your eyes."

Frank N Liz Mclauchlan

"I agree it is! If we want to bring Blackpool back to its former glory then it's about time money was spent more wisely and with more thought! Blackpool used to be the place to go, now it the place to stay away from! Let's be honest, as it is it has nothing to offer!"

Krista Whittaker

"Well... that's what you get for welcoming these dancers and the show to our magnificent Tower Ballroom... if they don't like Blackpool... go home and learn some manners and tact."

Myra law

"You can say that the Tower Ballroom looks great, but go round the back of the building and your immediately into discount pound shops, uneven, patched-up paving and street vendors hawking tat.

"One or two good areas don't make up for the huge expanses of neglect, poverty and unemployment at what should be the heart of this town."

John Whitehouse

"If that's how visitors see Blackpool we shouldn't ignore them, but make sure they have fewer negative things to see and and talk about."

Gerald Clark

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