Blackpool Pleasure Beach's biggest fan Harry Forshaw has now ridden the Icon rollercoaster 717 times

Harry Forshaw, 17, visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach 100 times in the last season
Harry Forshaw, 17, visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach 100 times in the last season
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A theme park's "biggest fan" has ridden the equivalent distance of his hometown Blackpool to Germany in just one year - on his favourite rollercoaster

Harry Forshaw, 17, visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach 100 times in the last season, riding 'The Icon' rollercoaster 717 times - a ride he said he is "addicted" to.

Harry on the Icon ride

Harry on the Icon ride

'The Icon' is a launch coaster which reaches speeds of 50mph in just two seconds - with an 82ft drop and two inversions.

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Harry has completed over 500 miles in distance on the track, spending over 10 hours alone on the single ride.

He has also conquered 'Pepsi Max - The Big One' over 400 times - 'climbing' the equivalent of a trek to the top of Mount Everest.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened in 1896 and attracts over five million eager visitors a year.

He says he's addicted to Icon

He says he's addicted to Icon

However Harry, from Blackpool, believes he is the theme park's biggest fan and has no plans to stop visiting up to five times a week.

He said: "The first time I came to the park I was only a few years old.

"My love for the park only really started after I came on a school trip in 2014 with my high school.

"I was completely hooked, I fell in love with the park.

"I started to go as many times as I possibly could".

In 2018, Harry decided to ramp up his obsession with the park and purchase an 'annual pass' for £125.

He used the pass a whopping 100 times during the season - which meant each visit cost him the equivalent of a very respectable £1.25.

Harry added: "I go to the park up to five times a week.

"I come on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons after college, all day Thursday and Friday and pretty much every weekend."

Harry said his mum Angie, 52, dad Chris, 38 and brother Jack, 21, think he is "crazy".

He said: "They think I am mad.

"At the same time, there are so many teenagers out there causing trouble on a weekend.

"I just love the park, I would come every day if I could.

"They respect what I do and have no problem with me coming as often as I can."

Harry's "addiction" to 'The Icon' started even before it was built.

He said: "I heard rumours about a new ride being constructed in 2015.

"The construction began in 2016 and the excitement just went from there.

"I couldn't wait for it to open."

When the ride did finally opened on May 28, 2015, Harry was one of the first people to visit.

He said: "I couldn't get enough of it.

"I have a ride photograph of the first time I ever rode it on my wall.

"It is definitely my favourite ride in the park."

Harry said he never loses the "thrill" he gets from each ride.

He added: "It has never changed.

"I still get the same feeling riding The Icon and the Pepsi Max as I did the first time I rode them."

Harry runs a 'Pleasure Beach Thrills' fan account on Twitter - where he has posted news and blogs over 7000 times about the park.

Over 1000 people follow his exploits on the account and he has met up with fellow theme park "addicts" as a result of the site.

He added: "It is crazy, everyone in the park knows who I am.

"All the staff say hello to me and the park manager even follows my account on social media."