Blackpool mum’s hell at 47 unwanted takeaway deliveries a day

Pizza delivery
Pizza delivery
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A Blackpool mum claims her life is being ruined by up to 47 unwanted takeaway deliveries every day.

Vicky Rice, 37, has called in the police after being the victim of a relentless campaign of pizzas, curries and kebabs being delivered to her Anchorsholme address.

Vicky, who says her front door window has even cracked from all the knocking, said: “It’s constant, constant, constant.

“I have not slept for months and I’m on anxiety tablets.”

Police today confirmed they were investigating the case as The Gazette found prank and malicious orders are costing Fylde coast eateries a small fortune.

Gwen Clarke, from popular Indian restaurant, Michael’s in Fleetwood Road North, Thornton, suffers losses of more than £80 a week thanks to malicious orders.

She said: “We get them three of four times a week.

“A lot of the time people don’t leave their genuine phone number because it’s a prank call.”

The 37-year-old, who thinks the grub is being ordered through fast food website Just Eat by a girl obsessed with her teenage son, said the greasy hate campaign has had a real impact on her family.

She said the person behind the fast food frenzy has also sent her messages claiming she is pregnant, has been raped, and threatened to burgle her – a move that made her cancel a trip abroad.

“It’s really affected our lives,” she said. “It’s constant, constant, constant. I have not slept for months and I’m on anxiety tablets.

“Our dog is suffering from anxiety! It sounds stupid but we don’t normally get people coming to the door – we have a quiet life.”

Vicky, who moved from Collyhurst in Manchester to the Fylde coast around eight years ago, said the food began arriving unsolicited in October after 16-year-old Leon Lindsay spurned the advances of his admirer on Facebook.

As driver after driver arrived at their home in College Avenue, which the pair also share with 12-year-old Bobby-Brian, Vicky said she called Just Eat to ask the deliveries to be stopped.

But she claims she was told there was nothing that could be done without police intervention, and the nightmare failed to end – with deliveries also being made to Leon’s ex-girlfriend’s house, and his best mate’s home.

“The girl or girls are going out buying 99p phone chips, downloading the Just Eat app and ordering takeaways,” Vicky told The Gazette.

“She was ringing up £300 of food per house per day.

“I found it funny at first but it’s really upsetting me. I have felt like changing the door number. I’ve had to disconnect the door bell!

“It starts from dinnertime until the early hours of the morning.” Vicky called police in and said they arrested a local girl of college age, but said when an officer arrived at her house to tell her the youngster was in custody, her phone buzzed with a message from the girl’s account.

Then, last week, the deliveries continued, she said. Vicky has now appealed for information that can bring her tormentor, who is accused of also ordering up to 10 taxis a day, to justice.

She added: “It’s just become a laugh to them but it’s having a massive effect on me and my family’s life. I want to know if anyone knows anything – and has anyone got a guilty conscience.

“Who is doing this to my family?

“We have come from a council estate and we never had a problem, and moved to a quiet area and have been tormented by somebody, and I don’t know who it is.

“I can’t wait to find out who it is because I will make sure the police press charges for all the distress they have caused. I just want closure.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed officers were called in to investigate following reports a girl Leon met on Facebook began ordering unwanted food through Just Eat.

The business has yet to be contacted by police, a spokeswoman said, and there was no record of Vicky ever contacting them.

The company could not confirm how many deliveries had been made to her address, she said.

“We were saddened to learn about this matter. We always seek to help our customers in whatever way we can, including by assisting the police with their investigations, when appropriate,” she added.