Zoo's new orangutan is viral YouTube star - do you remember her hilarious reaction?

Zoo bosses hope 'critically endangered' Jingga will mate with Ramon
Zoo bosses hope 'critically endangered' Jingga will mate with Ramon
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Do you recognise Blackpool Zoo’s newest resident orangutan, seven-year-old female Jingga?

You may – because her reaction to a magic trick, caught on camera two years ago, has been seen on YouTube more than 20 million times.

Jingga was born in Barcelona in 2009 to mum Jawi and dad Karl and is now settling in at the West Park Drive attraction. She is set to make her debut in the coming days.

Zoo boss Darren Webster said: “It is always very special when a new animal joins the zoo family and this time we really are welcoming a celebrity that millions of people across the world have tuned in to see.”

Jingga has brought to the zoo to live with male Ramon, as part of the European Endangered Species Programme. It is hoped the pair will breed.

The Borean orangutan was classified as 'critically endangered' last July.

Also living in the zoo's £1 million Orangutan Outlook is 33-year-old Vicky, and her daughters Cherie, 20, and Summer, 15.