Zombie mob hits the silver screen

Screenshot from Zombie documentary
Screenshot from Zombie documentary
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A terrifying swarm of Blackpool zombies have starred in their own hit documentary.

The zombie hoard, led by Blackpool shop owner Jason Redshaw, 44, ‘devoured’ an unsuspecting mum in an episode of Channel 4’s My Weird Hobby, which aired this month.

The episode, named Zombie Preppers, followed Jason and his group of more than 200 zombie fanatics as they revealed their obsession for dressing up and acting like the undead.

Jason, who lives on Dickson Road, said: “It was the passion that I had growing up in the 1970s and ’80s, not

being allowed to watch

zombie movies, but watching them anyway through a crack in the door. That’s where it all started.

“It was amazing fun. We all got together the night before so I had about 20 zombies living in my house!

“The crew was really supportive and told us to just have fun and be ourselves.

“I was over the moon with the end result.

“I look at it as a light-hearted look at zombie fans.”

Jason, who also works as an actor, added that the documentary, which was filmed in January by Popkorn TV, was just the beginning of

the group’s big screen stardom.

His zombie hoard is set to hit to the silver screen in a gory horror movie next year.

Zombie Apocalypse, directed by Chee Keeong Cheung, follows a group of soldiers on a mission through a city ruled by the undead.

Jason said: “We’ve already shot quite a few scenes.

“Me and my partner spent a week doing people’s make-up at an old air base near Stockport.

“Full families were turning up, mums, dads and kids. One lady in her 80s turned up in a wheelchair.

“I start my time in the film as a policeman. but later on I’m a zombie.

“I’m hopeful that other things will stem from this because zombies are huge at the moment.

“The market is absolutely saturated with zombie stuff, with TV shows like The Walking Dead, and you’d think people would get bored of it.

“But it’s creating more and more fans.

“Hopefully there will be more screen opportunities for me and my friends in the future.”

My Weird Hobby: Zombie Preppers can be viewed on Channel 4’s on-demand website at www.channel4.com/programmes/my-weird-hobby/