YOUR VIEWS: Hornets' nest set buzzing by disabled parking story

Well, that got you stirring...

Monday, 13th March 2017, 9:26 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:03 am

We revealed on Thursday how a clampdown on shameless motorists who hog disabled parking spaces will see more traffic wardens on the streets of Blackpool.

Almost 1,000 people were fined for parking in disabled bays in the last 12 months in the resort.

Most were handed out for parking in the wrong on-street bays, though 353 tickets were issued in off-street spaces too.

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Blackpool Council, which released the figures under freedom of information laws, has now revealed plans to increase its team of traffic wardens from 16 to 20. It said 7,820 disabled permits - or ‘Blue Badges’ - are currently issued across the town.

But those who misuse their own Blue Badge were also in the firing line - with 27 warning letters sent out since 2015, although no badges have been revoked.

Here’s your views

There’s too many inconsiderate, idiotic drivers on the road, full stop. Wardens shouldn’t have to wait a set time to issue a ticket, or give drivers an opportunity to move, they should just ticket every car they see committing parking violations. Zero tolerance. We’re too soft in this country, and too many people take advantage, knowing sod all is going to happen to them.

It’s not just motoring either, it’s throughout all walks of life, and the end result is we have a society going backwards and devolving into a feral mess.

Johnno 66

Unfortunately we now live in a world of selfish and self-centred people, many think of nothing else than themselves, the only way to stop misuse of disabled parking bays and badges is to hit people where it hurts, in the pocket

seaside ex-pat

I think that there are far too many disabled parking spots, and parents with children parking spots and parking is getting so expensive I rarely take the car into town these days, and I do my main shopping late at night.


I see this outrageous thing happening all the time. Bu it is just as bad with the mother and child parking spots - no child in the car but anyone parks there anyway.

What is also incredibly annoying is my neighbour, whose wife is somewhat faking disability.

They have a free large vehicle to store her wheelchair which she never uses, and when she doesn’t think anyone is watching she walks totally normally down the path, even with out the use of her cane. That totally ticks me off.


How many people with disability badges really need them? If you stop and watch these so called disabled folk half of them seem to be able to walk quite well.

hairy hairy

I have been wheelchair bound for over 20 years, I have had a blue badge for over 20 years.

I have never been asked by any traffic warden to show my photo on the back of my blue badge. Some of the worst offenders of ‘bad parking’ are blue badge users, who think they have a divine right to park where they want and frequently park in front of dropped kerbs.


Pop down to Sainsburys in St Annes at any given time and see why this is pointless. There are loads of disabled bays in the car park that are completely empty and unused as they all park on the road at the front. Makes that junction a nightmare to negotiate and what’s worse is it’s right in front of the police station.

Kev M

How about giving consideration to the people that abuse blue badges (No, not the ones that have one but are not entitled) I mean those that have entitlement, some of them think it’d a licence to park where they like without any giving consideration to the general public. Wardens won’t go near these culprits because it’s “delicate”


There are some comments on here that on the surface are nasty towards people with Blue Badges, But I have a blue badge and I support those comments about, it’s a two way street and disabled drivers have to show the same level of respect as they expect back.


I have to question the council on increasing their wardens for such a trivial thing when they increase council tax. We paid for a ‘H’ bar outside our drive but still the blue badges park there and when confronted they usually get rather argumentative so we call the police now


I have to agree with Mr Brookes regarding unfair parking of abled bodied people using disabled spaces just because they don’t have to walk a couple of extra feet to the shop. However as mentioned below blue badge holders are just as bad, if not worse that able bodied people.

They think it is their right to park where ever they want. I live in the centre of Cleveleys and the number of cars that park over my drive is unbelievable.

The road is clearly marked in front of my drive but it makes no difference.

Even if I am in the garden when they park up and I tell them they can’t park there they just point to the blue badge and walk to the shops because most of them don’t seem to struggle walking.

Of course the bad news for them is because there are car parks near by I just grab a warden and they ticket the car. It’s only when they come back and see the ticket that their ‘disability’ kicks in


My son didn’t ask to be born the way he is and we have a blue badge and we park in blue badge spots and display his badge . It’s unfair on us that need it when you get prats who are just too flipping lazy.

Kt Badenoch

Sadly some of the comments on here reflect the degeneration of the society we live in today. Comments presumably from fit young healthy lazy individuals who do not yet know what it means to be disabled. Only when they experience pain 24 hours a day, or lose a limb or have to be taken everywhere in a wheelchair will they understand and perhaps gain compassion for others less fortunate than themselves

Trevor Burns

In the interests of true equality and not the pro minority (they are victims and can do no wrong) PC rubbish, I do hope the same vigorous approach is taken towards those who abuse blue badges and motablity scooters as well

Michael Vincent

I wouldn’t dream of parking in a disabled bay and disabled people shouldn’t be parking in parent and child unless they have a young child

Kayleigh Bollington

People are ignorant and sadly they don’t have the kindness or mental capability of understanding what it’s like to be disabled so I understand their frustration

Holly Swales