LONELINESS is as bad for us as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and increases our risk of dementia.

ALONE: Loneliness can affect any one of us
ALONE: Loneliness can affect any one of us
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Letters - October 12, 2012

There are more than 800,000 older people in England who are chronically lonely.

This can be caused by many things that can happen as we get older, including bereavement, ill health and sensory loss.

It is not too late for action to reduce loneliness.

In the next six months new local forums for health and care officials will make decisions that could affect the future of these services.

These forums, known as health and wellbeing boards, are there to listen to us.

Loneliness Harms Health is a new campaign from the Campaign to End Loneliness, aiming to inspire people to urge health and wellbeing boards to act on loneliness.

They need local campaigners now.

As someone that cares about quality of life in older age, I encourage everyone to get involved in the campaign to ensure that local decision makers act on loneliness.



AT the end of last week there was an item in the news in which the Chamber of Commerce called on the banks to increase lending to enable its members to set their expansion plans in motion.

Wherever did they dream up the notion the banks were responsible for financing the expansion plans of their members?

Does the Chamber of Commerce really expect the banks to inject risk capital into businesses and leave their members to manage that investment?

It makes no commercial sense whatsoever.

The provision of capital in a business is down to the owners, they are the “risk takers” and it is they who would reap the rewards of success.

The banks’ role is to help with the working capital.

Increasing debt is not the correct avenue for businesses looking to expand, they should be looking for equity.

Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce should be asking of their members “am I better off owning 100 per cent of what I have now or 80 per cent of a larger, properly financed and lower geared concern?”.

Interest continues to accrue, dividends can be deferred.


Henry Street


I FEEL compelled to send a congratulations to Steve Canavan for his features on homelessness.

Congratulations of course is not the correct word to use, but on reading his very moving article I just wanted to acknowledge the impact it has made on me.

As he says, we’re all aware of homelessness, but when do we stop and give any thought to how and why these individuals find themselves in such dreadful circumstances?

Thank you for showing great compassion and eloquently sharing your experience with your readers.