Letters - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Olympiv volunteer Linda Smithson.
Olympiv volunteer Linda Smithson.
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I HAD a wonderful experience at the Olympic Games, where I was an athlete steward.

I was on the field of play for the ladies heptathlon javelin event and at the finish of the heptathlon 800m.

Jess Ennis was totally in ‘the zone’, the epitomy of total concentration and dedication. I just watched her with the awe-tingling thought that everything she had trained for over the last four years was about to come to fruition. That evening was to become known as ‘Super Saturday’ and I was there. I will never forget that day. But my experience didn’t stop there.

How many people can go to work as an able-bodied volunteer at the Paralympic Games and come home disabled? That is precisely what I did. I had been training for the Great North Run and was running in Victoria Park on the morning of the opening ceremony for the Paralympics when I went over on my right ankle and broke it.

But it didn’t stop me going to the ceremony or working.

No chance, not after waiting all those years.

I was given an accessibility scooter, so there I was taking athletes on to the track for their events with me on a scooter.

Oscar Pestorius, who I have met on several occasions, laughingly offered to lend me one of his prosthetic legs!

I will never forget being so proud to represent my country.



I FULLY endorse everything said about Carleton 
crematorium by the writer of Let Us See Some Colour (Letters, November 19).

I cannot believe so much money can have been 
wasted on “Americanising” the chapel when the grounds are in the state they are in.

In addition to the areas the writer stated, the pathways around the rose garden are a disgrace.

They are covered in a thick carpet of green moss and in places they are extremely dangerous, particularly in wet weather.

At this time of year they are also covered in leaves which no-one ever seems to clear.

Why can the council not utilise some of the people doing community service to help maintain the crematorium grounds?

Isn’t that the sort of thing they should be doing?

I certainly would not object to them making the grounds look tidy and cared for.


The charges on the Sands Way car park on Blackpool FC match days are outrageously expensive at £5 for three hours.

Not long ago they were £2.50, and then went to £3.50 and have been £5 for some time. Does anyone think that this is fair?

Why doesn’t this council have a concession system in place for the football games at least?