Letters - September 9, 2014

A packed Blackpool tram during Ride the Lights
A packed Blackpool tram during Ride the Lights
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Financial crisis

Spending constraint

In reply to statements made in the press recently, Labour’s Prospective candidate for the next election, Cat Smith, should be more careful of the fights she picks when she says the cuts to Wyre’s budget are unfair.

At the moment, our country is spending a lot more than we earn, because of the utter mess our finances were when Labour were voted out in 2010.

Because of this, the whole country has had to tighten its belt, and Wyre is no exception.

To judge by the millions being spent on different initiatives in Wyre, from sea defences to the coastal community fund, upgrading parks and leisure amenities, we are doing OK for now.

I would like to do more, but who wouldn’t?

It’s worth remembering the outgoing chief secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne, wrote a note to his Coalition successor when Labour were voted out in 2010, reading ‘I’m afraid 
to tell you there’s no money left’.

That statement says it all really. After 13 years of Labour government the country was left flat broke.

And Ms Smith expects us to vote for more of the same. You have got to be joking!

Coun Gordon McCann


Taking the sea air

A nose for trouble

I frequently walk along the Prom.

As a people watcher, one notable fact struck me. The millions of visitors to Blackpool, from so many different places, seem to have a large similarity.

I never made the connection until fully understanding the destruction of the rainforests, the lungs of our planet, added to the pollution of our air.

The connection being large noses.

They are in abundance! Darwin was right, environment does influence our physical being. The oxygen the world over is getting less and less. What effect on our lungs, long term, is anybody’s guess.

Nice to know, I am only one among many.

Kevin Gooder


Transport issues

Tram sardines

What a very good article in the Gazette 29/8/14 by Shelagh Parkinson – about our new trams – and extra services that should be put on when they are full. When the Illuminations are on pictures speak louder than words – well done.

Mrs A. Armstrong


Town is on track

Easily solved issues

The article in the Gazette on 29/8/14 about overcrowded trams and the article about the man who sadly lost his job on the trams through writing a poem should not be allowed to detract from what an asset to Blackpool our trams are.

Yes, there are problems when there are big events on, such as Ride the Lights, and yes, us passengers do have concerns about drunks on the trams late at night – it can’t be nice for the staff having to tell them off about their behaviour. But these are small matters that can easily be solved.

The new trams and the stylish tram shed look so wonderful and cast a modern, revitalised light on Blackpool.

E Davies

Bloomfield Road

Tower’s little secret

Superb dance band

For the past few weeks in The Tower ballroom on Wednesday evenings there has, and still is, a live show featuring Andy Prior and his 16-piece big band. It is a show you can dance to, or just sit and listen to and in the world’s most famous ballroom.

You have to be there to appreciate the quality and range of music and vocals played by (in my opinion) the best band in the UK.

I have been to every show and have thoroughly enjoyed each performance,but one thing that seems to be missing is the lack of advertisement for this show, in fact if you drive or walk past the Tower there is no obvious signs to indicate the show is on and that the Tower is open.

The show has now an extended run with performances September 17 /24 and October 1/4/15/22.

There has been an atmosphere in the ballroom which has been missing for a long time, but this could be even better with more people.

Harold Tudge

via email