Letters - September 8, 2015

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Let’s have someone else at the airport

How I agree with Paul Nettleton on his comments regarding the airport in Saturday’s paper.

I am a Sandgrown’un, and my father was also a real Blackpool person. I remember my dad telling me how his grandma took him to see Amy Johnson – they queued for about an hour to see her, in around 1928, I think it was an air pagent that they had been to see at Stanley Park aerodrome.

I have just retired, and have travelled 70 miles a day to work for many years, and every time I used to join the M55 home I was so relieved to see my gorgeous, sunny, open-spaced home town.

Now I am enjoying walking along the sand dunes with my dog. However, I hadn’t been to Fleetwood for a long time, so I took the dog and myself off I to the beach at Rossall, and to my absolute horror what did I see? Balfour Beatty blocking everything off, as they have yet again got their fingers on work in Fleetwood.

They do not deserve to ever be on this coast – Blackpool’s motto is Progress,Balfour Beatty’s motto seems to be let’s ruin you.

Jean Stainsby

via email


Lessons need to be learned from crisis

I was one of the County Councillors who, as a member of the county council’s development control committee, rejected the two fracking planning applications at Roseacre and Little Plumpton in June.

Throughout the process, we were advised we didn’t need to be concerned about the possible environmental threats posed by fracking or pollution to our water supplies, as the self- regulation procedures and regulators in the UK are the best in the world.

This was, of course, before a partridge allegedly decided to end its days in a United Utilities pipeline, polluting the water supplies to over 300,000 households in Lancashire. If United Utilities and the regulators cannot cope with the contamination caused by a single partridge, the question arises as to how will they deal with the pollution caused by several hundred fracking wells across the county?

Paul Hayhurst

Lancashire County Councillor, Fylde West


Renewables are the future for energy

If you read Roy Lewis’s letter in the Gazette (Your Say, September 4) and his as usual, well laid out set of statistics on the opinions of the people of Lancashire from the Department foe Energy and Climate Change, then turn to page 55 and take in Tim Gavell’s article, wherein he describes this Government’s plans to slash subsidies for solar panels on homes, leading to a possible loss of 22,000 jobs, you have to wonder exactly where this Government is coming from, or indeed where they think they are going with regard to our future energy supplies.

They keep yelling about how many jobs fracking will create – doing what, cleaning up the devastation caused by fracking as they are now doing in New York State ?

This country is surrounded by wind, tide and enough sun to make fracking an outmoded, filthy energy source.

Why will these elected people not listen to the people who put them in power in the first place to look after our interests and NOT their own?

Renewables are the future, why will they not invest in them?

David Nicholls

Elder Close



Austerity is simply not necessary

I would like to respond to former Councillor McCann’s letter of August 29.

He accuses Labour of being a “tax and spend party”. Every party proposes to tax and spend – I know of no party which espouses no tax and spending.

He talks about austerity. With at least £123 billion in tax uncollected, evaded and avoided every year, austerity is unnecessary.

Like every government since the Second World War, not even a majority of people voted for them – they are the largest minority.

As far as election promises in May go, his party has already broken some, particularly repealing the Human Rights Act, and Alex Salmond is not even in the House of Commons as Mr McCann suggests.

His point about Labour “fracturing in a thousand directions” is absolutely ridiculous, but he is a Tory. His party will split because of the European referendum.

I am reminded that his party describes itself as the stupid party.

John MacDonald

Hodgson Road



We can help you AND your children

At Contact a Family – the national charity that supports families with disabled children – we’ve seen a four-fold increase in the number of calls to our free special educational needs (SEN) helpline since last September, when the government introduced radical changes to the way children and young people in England with SEN are supported in school and college.

We don’t want any parent who cares for a child with special educational needs to feel isolated, and want to help as many as possible get the most out of the new system.

If you care for a child with special educational needs or a disability call our free helpline – 0808 808 3555 – for expert advice, information and support.

Jill Davies

Contact a Family