Letters - September 8, 2014

POLITICAL CLEAN-UP The EU's regulations on vacuum cleaners have caused Peter Wood, UKIP's prospective parliamentary candidate in Blackpool South, to write to the Gazette
POLITICAL CLEAN-UP The EU's regulations on vacuum cleaners have caused Peter Wood, UKIP's prospective parliamentary candidate in Blackpool South, to write to the Gazette
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Halcyon days

Square was haven of fun and games

The delightful picture of Jeffrey Square (Lost Archives) brought back many childhood memories.

As a young lad I used to play there regularly, but do not recognise myself as being on the photograph.

However, some names come to mind. My best friend Peter Walker, Brian Molyneau, June Slater and Hilda Stirzaker (who when playing Kiss Chase could never be caught).

All lived in Jeffrey Square. After school (Revoe) I would run home, gollop my tea down and rush off to play with my friends – games such as Truth or Dare, and Rally O. Then, when war broke out, we would sit in the air raid shelter and make up ghost stories.

Despite the war being on, I still ran to and fro from my home in Preston Old Road, as my mum knew where I would be, and she told me to run into the shelter when the sirens sounded.

Little did I know that in about three or four years time, at the age of 14, I would be working at Woodhead’s Garage drilling screws for Wellington bombers.

Les Whiteside


Joblessness issues

Labour to blame

In highlighting the serious issues that are facing the people who live in Blackpool South, it is a pity that Gordon Marsden did not acknowledge the role of Labour in creating this situation. Blackpool has been hit very hard by the Government cuts. But those cuts were put in place using calculations determined by the previous Labour government.

During the 13 years that Labour was in power, they had plenty of opportunity to significantly change those calculations, but failed to do so.

Why? Because Labour put politics before what was right.

They were afraid to upset voters in the South of England, and in doing so created the current situation.

It is also sad that on jobs he is advocating returning to the failed policies of the previous Labour administration.

While short term jobs can be created by politicians, they will always be under threat when there is a change in government.

Long-term jobs are created by real people investing their money in the local community.

Those businesses grow (and create more jobs) when the young people leaving schools have the necessary level of skills and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities provided.

A “jobs guarantee” is just a plaster hiding the real problem – the failure of our schools. The schools in Blackpool must educate our young people to a level that is above the national average, not below.

This will create the environment where real jobs will be created.

Bill Greene

Liberal Democrats

EU regulations

Vacuum sense

When I read N Wightman’s comments in the ‘Your Say’ pages, I noticed a lot of words, in a thinly veiled rant at UKIP, but nothing said is backed by correct facts, and ultimately he falls back on an opinion that European political decisions make sense.

The issue of the EU edict banning vacuum cleaners under 1,600w has been well-documented in the press, by consumer groups and by legal actions taken by companies such as Dyson.

What are the facts? From September 1, 2014, EU regulations forbade the importation of vacuum cleaners over 1,600 watts and from September 1, 2017, it bans those over 900 watts.

These regulations will prevent the sale of five out of seven recommended ‘Which’ Best Buy cleaners. They are driven by a falsehood – man-made climate change.

However, lower-powered vacuum cleaners will need to be left on longer, use more electricity and require more effort to clean the same area.

Why can’t these un-elected, unaccountable EU commissioners leave decisions like this to the common sense of householders like you and me, and to manufacturers who understand their businesses?

What household devices are next on the EU’s list?

As for wheelie bins, I do not believe more of them is the answer to tackle the world’s recycling issues, it is apparent many of our European friends clearly feel the same, as you do not see houses in Spain, Italy, Ireland or Germany buried behind umpteen wheelie bins.

Their governments have made a decision that best suits their people.

I am suggesting we need to do the same.

Peter Wood

UKIP Prospective 
Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool South

Report thanks

Truth is told

As the sister-in-law of the late Karen Marshall, can I take this opportunity to thank you for the accuracy of your report in The Gazette “Woman found at home ‘died of drink’.”

I know that all too often the press are slated for not paying due care and attention to the story they are covering.

I can say hand on heart this has not been the case in this instance.

Thank you for listening. You have no idea how important it is to us as a family that the truth be told.

Tracy Marshall