Letters - September 8

Arnold School on Lytham Road, South Shore (for merger with King Edward story).'5-9-2011
Arnold School on Lytham Road, South Shore (for merger with King Edward story).'5-9-2011
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AS a former pupil of Arnold junior and senior schools and a past president of the Old Arnoldians Association, I welcome KEQMS decision to merge with Arnold School, to become an integral part of the United Church Schools Trust (UCST), thus securing the future financial stability of both schools.

Although I will be naturally sorry to see my old school buildings vacated, it has always been evident the three other independent schools on the Fylde coast, Rossall, KEQMS and Kirkham Grammar, all presently occupy superior sites to Arnold, despite the fact that Arnold School has, over the years, been the leading local school in the national examination league tables.

Moreover, when my brother and I attended Arnold School in the 1940s and 1950s, the vast majority of pupils lived in Blackpool, whereas today, a much higher proportion of pupils already live in South Fylde, in close proximity to the KEQMS campus.


Mayor of Fylde.

I AM what you would call a “slum landlord” in the “lucrative” Blackpool HMO market (Gazette August 25).

I have owned two HMO properties in Blackpool for 10 years and, believe me, no-one would choose to be in my position at present.

Ten years ago my properties were in a good state and I attracted decent tenants, but over the years the standard of people has deteriorated.

I would love to able to turn these people away, but unfortunately I have a sizeable mortgage to pay so I don’t have that luxury.

Numerous times flats have been trashed by tenants, and I have grown tired of putting in decent fittings.

You might say it serves me right for allowing these people into my property.

I have 11 tenants and not one of them works, most have either drink or drug problems.

The police, too, have told me the onus is on me as landlord to make sure these people do not cause trouble. What do I do?

I have been robbed and abused by tenants on numerous occasions. If only I could have decent tenants who would look after the properties and pay reasonable rents.

I would be happy, and the bank would be repaid.

I totally agree we have to change the market, but in order to do that we need help.


I THINK Mr Allison (Letters September 6) is driving in a world of his own if he thinks drivers in London and the South east are more considerate than in the Fylde.

As a an ex-Londoner now living here, I have just returned from visiting relatives in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.

The general standard of thought for others is about the same, but the behaviour on the motorways and A roads (A3, A2, M20, M25, and M26) is nothing short of sheer lunacy.

I think the policy is shut your eyes and pray. Give me the dodgems on South Pier any day.


Falmouth Road