Letters - September 7, 2012

Moor Park Health Centre
Moor Park Health Centre
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THE fantastic facilities at Moor Park in Bispham now include a medical centre, library, gym and swimming pool.

But there is only one fly in the ointment and that’s the speeding cars racing from the village down Ingthorpe to Ashfield Road.

People have to wait on the pavements up to 15 minutes and are really scared to cross the road.

I’m talking about young families with babies in prams, school kids and elderly people.

It doesn’t take the Brain of Britain to work out what we need is a zebra crossing at the end of Ingthorpe and another in the middle of Ashfield Road.

A little girl was killed on Ashfield Road a few years ago, and we don’t want anyone else to die.


Ashfield Road


I RECENTLY returned from a short holiday in Canada.

In both Toronto and Niagara Falls, I saw an old London bus working a very popular tourist attraction.

They were always very busy and certainly popular. Is it only here that these problems over accessibility apply?

As has been said by many, alternatives are available to those needing them.


I USE a mobility scooter and only drive on the pavement when walking my dog.

I consider myself to be thoughtful to others, but the other morning I did park my scooter at the side of a car parked half on the pavement, to clean up after my dog.

A young woman came along asking me to move because she could not get in her 4x4, telling me not to be so selfish.

There seems to be more cars parked on the pavement than on the road.

I said if you had not parked in such a way, you could get in your car.

I am an ex-serviceman and never thought I would one day be disabled.

This young woman told me, people like me should be put down and then the world would be better off without disabled people.

She drove off with her mobile phone in one hand, and she had parked over a dropped kerb.

So who’s selfish?




BEING a regular stroller on the new Promenade, I was disappointed to notice the cracking appearing in the Comedy Carpet.

It is such a shame after so much money was spent on it, and also as it’s proving to be such a popular visitor attraction.

This slow destruction is hardly surprising after the way access over it, by the very large wagons and machinery is allowed for the concerts that are held on the headland.

Surely some control should be employed before it disintegrates the way of the Promenade roadway?


I WOULD like to endorse Geoff Bradshaw’s letter of appreciation for our wonderful Victoria Hospital.

Over the period of two years during which I have had four visits, the last one being as the result of a heart attack, the treatment I have received has been second to none.

I won’t hear any criticism of our Vic.

After my cancer operation the surgeon visited me three times the day I was discharged.


Ingleway Avenue